01/03/13    Second post-placement visit

11/07/12     First post-placement visit

10/13/12    Home!

10/09/12    Embassy appointment

10/01/12     Embassy clearance!

07/09/12     Submitted to Embassy

05/23/12     Court date – we passed!

05/20/12     Arrived in Ethiopia and met our daughter!

03/02/12     Accepted referral

02/29/12     Referral of 6-week-old girl!

12/19/11      New dossier accepted by agency

06/29/11     Official change in age range to 0-18 months

06/22/11     Home study updated to reflect change in age range

06/07/11     Received I-600A renewal from USCIS

05/28/11     Decided to change age range to 0-18 months

04/18/11     Re-fingerprinted to renew Maryland and FBI clearances

02/07/11     Submitted I-600A renewal to USCIS

01/31/11     Home study updated

11/08/10     Re-fingerprinted by USCIS

10/30/09     I-797C issued; officially on the wait list

10/09/09     Home study complete; sent to USCIS

10/01/09     Received final draft of home study

10/01/09     Dossier completed (minus I-171-H)

09/21/09     Dossier packet submitted to placement agency

08/03/09     Final home study interview (at our home)

07/31/09     USCIS Fingerprinting

07/14-15/09   Second home study interviews (separately)

07/13/09     I-600A filed with USCIS

06/30/09     First home study interview

06/29/09     Pre-home study paperwork complete

04/16/09     Application and first paperwork to placement agency

04/04/09     Registration paperwork sent to placement agency

04/03/09     Intake meeting; home study paperwork underway

04/01/09     Decided to proceed with an Ethiopian adoption

03/11/09     Application submitted to new home study agency

02/09          Miscarriage #3

12/08          First agency didn’t work out

10/08          Applied to first home study agency for Korean adoption

02/08          Diagnosed with balanced translocation

01/08          Miscarriage #2

01/08          Attended first adoption information session (of several)

10/07          Miscarriage #1 (D&C)

08/07          Started thinking about adoption

04-07/07     3 failed IUIs

08/05          Started trying to conceive


One Response to Timeline

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow! Love them. I especially like the little purple one.. so feminine.

    You are talented. Your kids are going to be very lucky to have a mom who can make things like that.

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