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and the giveaway goes to…

A total of 24 questions were asked in my first ever blog giveaway! I don’t have a cute little helper to assist me by pulling a name out of a hat (and trust me, the options with the beagles were … Continue reading

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communicating about pregnancy loss

I’ve made countless wonderful friends and connections through this blog. I will say it time and time again: I am so thankful for the people I’ve met. So thankful. One of the people I’ve met through the blog is Kate. … Continue reading

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Two sets of very close friends had babies over the past two days. Obviously, I knew this was going to happen. I had months and months of advance notice. But somehow I ended up being in total shock. Their due … Continue reading

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On a lazy evening earlier this summer, while flipping through the TV channels, I stumbled across the very first episode of “Sex and the City” on TBS. I’ve seen the whole series in the original form (meaning: not the watered … Continue reading

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I’m in a bit of a down swing right now. It seems to be going around – I follow many blogs and a few of my online friends have noted that they are feeling down in the dumps as well. … Continue reading

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glutton for punishment

We co-hosted a baby party last night for friends. We decided to provide a menu of desserts and drinks, and everyone certainly got their fill of sweets. (Isn’t the fruit a great idea? My friend brought that, and it’s an … Continue reading

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climbing out

The past couple of months have been really rough for me. I’ve been feeling, as Mike Doughty would say, as if I was looking at the world from the bottom of a well. I have just been incredibly sad, lethargic … Continue reading

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