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wordless wednesday


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spring clean-up

We had a lovely, sunny, warm weekend here in Baltimore. The last of the snow has finally melted, and Craig and I took some time to do some outdoor clean-up. He took care of the zillions of tree branches that … Continue reading

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two days later

So, here we are, about 48 hours after the snowstorm ended. The sun is out and it’s about 35 degrees, so it’s just warm enough to do some melting (but not a whole lot). It has been frigidly cold overnight, … Continue reading

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garden update

About a year and a half ago, we installed a lovely garden in our backyard. I use the terms “we” and “installed” loosely, as the garden was designed by a friend (although I am a registered (and retired) landscape architect … Continue reading

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I had quite a productive day today. After relaxing yesterday, it was time to get back to work – well, not work work, but work around the house. I finally made a bunch of calls to schedule home projects. Some … Continue reading

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mid-summer garden

Scenes from our garden over the past couple of weeks…

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garden update

Here’s proof that our work on seeding the bare spots in our lawn this spring paid off. Mother Nature helped a great deal with all of the rain that we got – I think the only time we watered the … Continue reading

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