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a little fun…

UPDATE on 11/19: If the video does not work, go to and type in “Ethiopia Simpsons” and you should be able to find it! Advertisements

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ethiopian cooking – part three

About a month ago, Craig and I made another attempt at Ethiopian cooking. I have to admit that I don’t think this round was quite as much of a roaring success as the first attempt, but it was still pretty … Continue reading

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ethiopian cooking – part two

Following up on yesterday’s post about preparing to do some Ethiopian cooking, this is all I have to say: It. Was. Awe. Some. Just kidding. Well, not about the awesome part. (It was awesome!) I’m kidding about the part where … Continue reading

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ethiopian cooking – part one

For ages now, we’ve wanted to try making Ethiopian cuisine at home. We love the food, and one of us (that would be Craig) loves to cook. Plus we want to make sure our family incorporates as much Ethiopian culture … Continue reading

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bizarre foods

Craig is a bit of a foodie, and as such, he enjoys watching TV shows about food and cooking. So it didn’t surprise me to see a show called Bizarre Foods show up on our DVR list. On this show, … Continue reading

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and the giveaway goes to…

A total of 24 questions were asked in my first ever blog giveaway! I don’t have a cute little helper to assist me by pulling a name out of a hat (and trust me, the options with the beagles were … Continue reading

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On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for my uninterrupted prosperity and so much more. Of course I’m thankful for my husband, family, friends, pets, home, and job, as well as the food on my table and clothes on my … Continue reading

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