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I spent last week in Denver with my mom. I planned this trip several weeks ago, knowing that she would need assistance and company as she continues to recover from her back surgeries. I was pleasantly surprised to see how … Continue reading

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I feel like this is old news now, but after a very busy week and a jam-packed weekend, I am finally coming up for air and finding the time to post about our wonderful trip to New York City last … Continue reading

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two days later

So, here we are, about 48 hours after the snowstorm ended. The sun is out and it’s about 35 degrees, so it’s just warm enough to do some melting (but not a whole lot). It has been frigidly cold overnight, … Continue reading

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tax dollars at work

A few weeks ago I contacted the City of Baltimore to discuss our water bill. For the time we have lived in our home (well over a year now) we have only been billed the “minimum consumption” amount for water, … Continue reading

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Last night was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood. I purchased four extra-large bags of candy a couple of weeks ago, not knowing how much we would need. However, we ended up missing the trick-or-treating, because Craig’s cousin Mark … Continue reading

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