ethiopia (first trip) – day five

The guest house.

After spending an hour or so with Baby K, M picked us up around 10am for a shopping excursion. Our goal was to pick up a few Ethiopian items for our daughter and for our home. We first went to a multi-level shopping mall; it was a pretty typical mall (complete with aimlessly wandering teenagers) but on the top floor there were a few shops that sold traditional Ethiopian items. We don’t have much of an art collection at home but we were compelled to purchase three original paintings, as we thought they would be a great way to bring a touch of Ethiopia into our home. One is a landscape and we plan to hang it in Baby K’s room. This one is my favorite [and we just hung it today in our living room]:

We also purchased two traditional Ethiopian dresses for Baby K to grow into over the years, as well as a basket, a pair of hand-painted coffee cups, and a few other small items. Next we went to a small street market and visited several stalls. Here we were supposed to barter, and I learned how terrible I am at bartering. (You’d think as an attorney I’d be good at this. I’m not.) We picked up another traditional outfit, a cloth ball that has Amharic letters and numbers on it, and a doll in a traditional dress.

Here’s one of the dresses. I think it will look pretty cute on a certain little Ethiopian-American in a year or two.

We arrived back at the guest house just in time for lunch. Afterward, we joined the two other remaining families for a trip to the Hilton, which had the allure of a swimming pool for one family’s 4-year-old daughter and WiFi for the rest of us. We pretty much enjoyed our week of being unplugged, but it was nice to check in with the rest of the world for an hour. We were able to send a few photos to our families and share our good court news on FB. The Addis Hilton is touted as being so fancy, but honestly, none of our group was too impressed. Sure, it was nice, but it was pretty dated (it was built in 1969) and it just didn’t live up to the hype. (We drove by the Sheraton, though, and that looked impressive.)

We were back at HH by 4 and spent a couple hours with Baby K. We also spent a good amount of time playing with other babies, too, since we were now the last family in the infant room for the week. On this day we started to feel like Baby K was recognizing us and that her smiles were really for us and not just her standard smiley greeting for everyone.

We had a delicious Ethiopian dinner that included beef tibs, a spicy lentil wot, and my favorite, doro (chicken) wot! Mmm.

Sunset view from the roof.

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7 Responses to ethiopia (first trip) – day five

  1. sue says:

    i love reading that baby k was beginning to recognize you! so special!!!

  2. kwatkinsinfl says:

    So glad you got your Embassy email. And you don’t have to stalk Craig all day, just until the Embassy closes for the day. After 9:00 am, I would feel bitter that today wasn’t the day. One of the women in our travel group started waking up at 2:00 am to check her email, because that’s what time the first one arrived! I never went to that extreme, but it was the first thing I checked when I woke up.

    t think it’s amazing how quickly the babies start to realize that you are there FOR THEM. And I was super-surprised when we returned, that L seemed to recognize us, even though we’d been gone for two months. Next time you’re there, visit the Sheraton. MUCH nicer than the Hilton.

    • Kelly says:

      Yes, we know the stalking stops in the morning. I don’t know about 9, though; I’d say 10 or even 11am (in case someone is working late). 🙂

  3. 12450miles says:

    I LOVE these purchases!!! EEK! That painting must look incredible on the wall. And that dress is BEYOND adorable! I really, really really want to try Ethiopian food. I drool when you tell us what you eat in every post. We’ve talked about going to DC in the fall… maybe I can find some there?! YUM!

  4. Kelly says:

    Oh, I just looooove that Baby K was starting to recognize you and that you were there for HER. And your purchases are beautiful. I want to see more! That dress is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The colors of the painting are killer! Yes, now I want ET food too. It’s past lunch time and my mouth is watering …

  5. Janet says:

    That painting is gorgeous (I love the yellow and the women…so beautiful) and that dress you bought is adorable! Baby K is going to look so sweet in that, I’m sure. All the food you ate there sounds amazing. We have some Ethiopian restaurants here (a pretty decent size Ethiopian population). I really want to go try some…but need to go with someone who knows what is what. If you are ever in the area…just saying. 😉

  6. Janet says:

    P.S. I’m am quite certain I would be horrible at bartering too. Yep.

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