I’ve had quite a few people ask if we can take items with us for Baby K – like a blankie or a stuffed animal or clothing. The reality is that in a group setting like our agency’s care center, everything is shared and anything soft and plush is a germ factory. So, while we can and will take some things with us, we know that they will not just be for Baby K, and we will not be taking anything soft/plush. I have no idea yet what we’ll take; that task is on my list for next week. I do know that I am planning on taking an extra bag with us to carry donations over and to bring Ethiopian purchases back.

Our agency provided the following list of items that are always needed at the care center. I absolutely do not expect anyone to make donations, but since a few people have asked, I wanted to share the information in case anyone was so inclined. If you would like to contribute something, please let me know and we will make arrangements. If you would like to send me gift cards or checks, I would be happy to spend that money here or there to purchase needed items, too. I realize that I’m only giving short notice, since we leave at the end of next week, but we can also take things on our second trip when that time comes.

 Similac formula milk in powder form. Similac with iron and lactose-free are
 Baby wipes
 Diapers
 Preemie, infant and toddler size diapers
 Anti-fungal ointment and tablets
 Bed sheets, bed covers, crib sheets, draw sheets (for infant cribs and older child home)
 Medical shoe covers (worn in hospitals during surgery)
 Bottles
 Anti-fungal shampoo
 Neosporin or antibiotic ointment
 Hydrocortisone creams
 Infant and child Motrin, Tylenol, or other fever reducer
 Pedialyte or Kaolyte (preferably powdered form)
 Infant and child decongestants
 Infant and child vitamins, liquid
 Children’s Vitamin D supplements (found in several multivitamins)
 Vaseline
 Infant clothing
 Bactroban ointment
 Alcohol swabs
 Saline spray or drops
 Antibiotics
 Petroleum jelly
 Nystatin (Mycostatin)
 Standard bottle nipples
 New or like-new condition children’s shoes
 New or like-new condition children’s clothing (infant to 14 years of age)
 Developmental toys for children (plastic or wooden preferred)
 Baby shampoos
 Baby bath soap
 Baby oil
 Baby powder
 Disposable surgical masks and gloves
 School supplies
 Books for very young children (board books and easy readers)

Speaking of the care center, I learned this morning that Baby K has been moved from the orphanage in her home region to the care center (called Horizon House) in Addis Ababa. This is exciting for a couple of reasons – first, because we have heard such absolutely wonderful things about the care the children receive at HH, and second, because two friends of mine made through this adoption process are at HH this week, meeting their children. This means that they will meet Baby K and give her some love for us, and it also means that we will probably get a few photos from them to tide us over until we leave!

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9 Responses to donations

  1. Angela says:

    I have some clothes and shoes that I would like to donate Kelly.

  2. 12450miles says:

    Oh wow… that is a fabulous list! And even more fabulous is that you might get pictures! EEEEKKK!!!

    Do you also have a paypal account? People can “gift” you money too which might be easier than checks…and quicker?!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I would definitely sleep better knowing my child was moved. I kept hoping Ashu would be moved since he fell in the “under one” category that they mentioned at the time were sometimes moved. However, they said no. You KNOW the medical care is much better at Addis. That doctor is very thorough and found things never found out in the rural area where my kids came from…

  4. Emily Casper says:

    Kelly – Is it okay if books/toys/clothes are gently used? Or do they prefer new? I may not get my act together by the time you leave next week, but I have so many things that I either have two of, or my children were just to big for when they were born and they were hardly worn – if at all.

  5. michelleoryl says:

    Such great news about the move. Wahoo. One step closer!

  6. Kelly says:

    Oh, I’m so excited to hear that Baby K has been moved to Horizon House, I know that was something you were really hoping for. Wonderful news! And how very, very exciting that some AP friends will be there to snap some photos of your darling girl. Yay!!!
    Also, I would love to send you a check so you can buy some needed items to bring over. Thanks for the idea! I know you’ll pick some good stuff off the list.

  7. kwatkinsinfl says:

    Yay for HH!! She will be so much better off there. And, yay for traveling families. They kept me from going completely insane when A and L were at Horizon House. It really makes a difference just being able to see them on a regular basis.

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