paris – day zero

It’s been several weeks since our trip to Paris, but I just got around to working on our photos last weekend. I have a few excuses for why this has taken so long, including the following: 1) I’ve been in woe-is-me mode regarding our wait, and that makes it pretty hard to do anything at all; 2) I’ve been sick the past few weeks; and 3) I promised myself I would learn how to use Lightroom to organize and edit these photos, and gosh, that was just a lot of work.

Finally, after watching hours of tutorials and playing around a bit with the software, over the long holiday weekend, I whittled our 809 photos down to 200 favorites, did some (very minor) editing, and then – the tricky part – figured out how to publish them to a couple of sources. It was quite the task, and I hope it gets easier now that I’ve somewhat figured it out. It was fun, though, to go through the photos, and a part of me was actually glad that I waited several weeks since I got to re-live the trip a bit. It also made me want to prepare a few blog posts about the trip, of course in part to share but also in large part to serve as a journal for us. I want to remember the details, and this is a great way to record them.

So, with that, here we go!

We arrived in Paris on a Sunday afternoon. Having taken an overnight flight from the East Coast, we were of course off-schedule and tired, but we know that the best thing to do is to fight the urge to sleep and keep moving. And we did just that.

So, after checking in to our hotel, the Grand Hotel des Balcons in the Odeon area (on the Left Bank near St. Germain), we grabbed our trusty guidebook and headed out on one of the walks it outlined.

Our walk took us around the Left Bank and started at Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge that is known for being a popular meeting point for lovers. As such, one can find many so-called locks of love attached to the bridge.

We also had some nice views of the Seine, like this one:

Then we did some wandering around the Left Bank, passing some things like a statue honoring Voltaire, Oscar Wilde’s hotel, and a bunch of neat art galleries, most of which were closed because it was late on a Sunday afternoon. By this point I was really starting to fade, so we decided to find a place to grab a bite to eat. We sat down at a cafe in the Latin Quarter and we each ordered an item to eat and a glass of wine. The wine came, and so did my food. It did not look like what I was expecting, but I figured I just didn’t know what to expect. This, however, is where we learned the very important lesson that andouillette is NOT andouille sausage (as we had assumed) and instead it is something that most Americans would not consider something to eat. [Follow the link if you want to know what it was. I still don’t like to think about it.] Yuck, gag, barf! Craig’s food never came. Our waitress clearly did not understand a word we were saying, so we paid our bill and then made a dash for the safe and tasty gelato shop down the street.  To be honest, we were both a bit worried at this point that we were going to be in a tough spot without knowing any French, after having half of our order not show up and the other half be something we simply did not want to eat. But, those worries ended up being for naught, because we did just fine the rest of the week!

Back at the hotel, I just couldn’t make it any longer, so I collapsed around 6:30pm. Craig was awake and didn’t want to make the mistake of going to bed so early, so he walked the couple of blocks to the lovely Jardin du Luxembourg and enjoyed a brief visit. (I got to see the park a couple of days later when I took a nice jog there.)

The park closed at dusk, so Craig returned to the hotel and we both eventually got a decent night of sleep. This is a good thing, because we had a lot of ground to cover over the next five days!


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4 Responses to paris – day zero

  1. Angela says:

    Kelly, your photos are gorgeous! I really want to go to Paris one day, but I can live through you for the time being.

  2. sue says:

    i love your photos! i can’t wait to follow along on reliving your trip to paris!!!

  3. What an amazing trip and great job for your follow-thru with the photos.

  4. Lindy says:

    These photos are absolutely amazing! Very artistic, guys! It looks like you are having a wonderful time in France and I can’t wait to see more shots.

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