paris – day one

Today was the day we got to start our exploration of Paris! We started off with a walk to the Louvre.

We spent about three hours inside, and of course saw the most famous pieces.

The crowd around the Mona Lisa was crazy:

After we were museumed-out, we headed out to the Jardin des Tuileries and walked toward the Champs Elysees, finding some lunch along the way.

We were seriously happy to put our feet up for a few minutes along the way:

We apparently didn’t take any photos while we walked through the shopping district on the Champs Elysees. Too much fun people-watching while we walked, I suppose.

At the end of our walk we found the Arc de Triomphe:

And after 284 steps, we enjoyed views like this:

Too bad the Eiffel Tower is sticking out of my head in this one:

At this point, it was late afternoon and we were ready to head back to our hotel. After several hours on our feet it looked like an awfully long walk back to me when we looked at the map, but Craig is not one to entertain ideas of things like subways when there is walking to be done! So, we hoofed it back. Along the way we stopped for a little pick-me-up (wine for me and coffee for Craig) and we got our closest glimpse yet of the Eiffel Tower (cell phone photos). I do believe there was also a stop at a patissierie for some yummy pastries on that walk as well. We were too busy licking our fingers to bother even taking cell phone photos of those!

After a bit of rest at the hotel, we decided to try a place very close to our hotel that a friend had suggested for dinner. We enjoyed our meal at Restaurant Polidor, sitting cozily at one table with another group, and enjoying some home-style French comfort food like beouf bourguignon. I can’t remember what Craig had, but I know I also had a delicious pumpkin soup to start and later a delightful fruit tart for dessert. And wine, of course. Oh, and I can’t forget the baguette. Always wine, and always baguette! It all hit the spot.

After dinner we made the short walk back to our hotel, where we collapsed, with full bellies and tired feet, after a great first day in Paris.



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3 Responses to paris – day one

  1. Lovely pics! So glad you got to do this. Oh, and that andouillette, or whatever it’s called, made me laugh. My husband would be all over that — he likes anything weird.

  2. sue says:

    i loved the beouf bourguignon we had in paris! i still dream about it. it’s delicious! i like to make every now and then. hmmm, may need to put that on the menu soon!

    your photos are really beautiful!!!!

  3. Kelly says:

    Oh Paris! What a great first day. It’s OK to eat and drink when you walk everywhere right? And what’s better than interrupting your walk for a glass of vin? Mmmm! Great photos – you guys did a LOT in one day. Love the shot of your feet up on chairs. Can’t wait to keep reading ….

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