Today marks 23 months on the wait list.


Let’s revisit the list of things I wanted to do before receiving a referral (posted 3 months ago):

  1. Research international adoption clinics so we have someone ready to review medical information in a referral.
  2. Empty out closets in future child’s room and guest room; purchase and install new closet organizers; put significantly less crap back into said closets. I love my new closets.
  3. Go through my bookshelf in preparation for moving it elsewhere in the house, and donate many books to charity.
  4. Prepare wills. Yes, I’m a lawyer, and no, we don’t have wills. (And yes, I’ve written them for other people. Go figure.) – Started, not finished.
  5. Look at our life insurance coverage and figure out if we should make adjustments.
  6. Re-do our dossier. I keep asking if we should be doing this and they keep telling us to wait. I have no idea why. I never thought I would be wanting to re-do our dossier… – Underway.
  7. Plan a fall getaway with my hubby, probably to New York City. Paris was the original goal, but we just can’t swing it this year. We are going to Paris after all; we leave a week from tomorrow!
  8. Buy the deck furniture we’ve said we were going to buy for two summers now. If only we could figure out what we want and then make it non-expensive. – Just not gonna happen, given other home expenses
  9. Adopt another dog. Maybe. Beatrice Beagle!
  10. Enjoy these last months of just being a couple before being parents takes over our world. – Working on it.
  11. Lose 50 pounds. (Ha!) – Not 50, but I have lost 15, and I’m pretty pleased with that.
  12. Get back to knitting that baby blanket I started but then stopped when the slowdown was announced. – I’ve done a little bit of work on this again, but I have a long way to go. I seem to have lost my knitting mojo.
  13. Spend a week relaxing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, lounging and being lazy – week after next! – Easy.
  14. Wrap up my six months of double-duty at work and go back to doing only one job at a time. Oh wait, that ended today, so I can cross that one off the list already!
  15. Save money towards our travel costs for two trips to Ethiopia. – Major FAIL, with a trip to Paris and significant home projects. Back to work on this one…
  16. Continue to explore using our new camera and develop some sort of photo storage system.
  17. Run another 5k. – I’m running Race for the Cure on October 23rd.
  18. Read books I’ve been meaning to read, like “Adoption Parenting” and “Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child.” I haven’t been able to read these, emotionally, because I’ve felt like we were too far away from referral. But maybe I can try now. – This just isn’t going to happen until we have a referral.
  19. Hang the new mirror we got for our bedroom that has been sitting there for weeks, ready to be hung. It will complete our mini-makeover that started when I decided we needed a new duvet cover.
  20. Drink significant amounts of sangria at our friends’ annual Fourth of July party. – I nailed this one! 
So, that’s not too shabby in terms of progress. It’s amazing to think that I made this list three months ago; time really has flown by. But, we’ve been busy with home projects (yet somehow the downed tree is still there and we still have no fence) and the dossier re-do. Those will keep me occupied next week as well, and then we’re headed to Paris for a week, so I think I’ve got the next two weeks covered. After that, though, I think we may reach the point of full-on obsession over when that phone will ring. (And yes, I will get my cell phone set up to work while we are in Paris!) 

Let’s hope I don’t need to do a post on reaching the 24-month/two-year milestone in the wait!
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15 Responses to 23

  1. Emily B. says:

    Very impressed with your list!!! Definitely hoping there isn’t a 24 post!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    Nice — You have made some unbelievably impressive progress on your long list! And I agree, I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since you published the list. Time is a-flyin’, my friend. Nice work on the 15 pounds btw! Just in time to eat/drink your way through Paris 🙂

  3. Kyra says:

    Make sure your agency has a way to contact you when you are in Paris!

  4. molly says:

    Nice work on the 15lbs–just don’t think about it in Paris! I followed your lead and made an enormous list of things to do before referral and it does help keep it all in perspective, so thanks!
    Have a WONDERFUL trip! Paris is one of my favorite cities. An awesome restaurant if you want an excellent meal:
    Restaurant Clementine
    5 rue Saint Marc
    Paris 2EME

    (I hope it’s still there!)

  5. Sue says:

    Whoa! You accomplished a TON! Impressive. I love Paris so much esp in the fall. Have a great trip. I hope you get the call soon!

  6. 23 months! That is awesome! I wish I had made a list of things to accomplish before adopting. It would have helped during the wait. You have done so much in just 3 months!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Amazing. I cancelled all trips after referral because I just didn’t want to think about anything but the kids coming..and save money. Hindsight, I should have just gone. Go now though, and you won’t have to decide whether or not to travel after your referral. 🙂

  8. Angela says:

    The last one is just too funny! Have fun in Paris… one day I’ll get there.

  9. Sandra says:

    That is so impressive! You are doing good.

  10. Wahoo! Dwindling it down girl. Keep on truckin’. And just a word from the wise, stock up on CASES of vino BEFORE your baby comes home. Trust me on this one!

  11. sue says:

    you.are.awesome. i love that you revisited this list! and i’m super excited about 23 months! wahoo!!!

  12. I’d say that is impressive progress on your list. Enjoy your trip to Paris! You deserve it!!

  13. christine says:

    I’m so inspired by you!! I hope you had a fabulous time in Paris!!!

    Now, I’m off to make my own list!

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