In addition to having our pre-referral call last week, we were also given the go-ahead to “update” our dossier. The quotation marks there are totally necessary, because I think it’s a joke to call this an update, since we have to re-do every single piece of paper. They should call it the dossier do-over, if you ask me. (But, funny, nobody asked me…)

Here’s the list of paperwork we need to chase down:

[Who am I kidding? We all know darn well that this is not a task WE will be doing; it’s all ME. But that’s because I am the Paperwork Queen and not for any other reason. Well, maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a control freak, too. :)]

  1. Letter of recommendation from our agency (notarized and state-certified)
  2. 2 power of attorney documents (1 notarized, 1 notarized and state-certified)
  3. Statement of reason for adopting an Ethiopian child (notarized)
  4. Photo pages (2 passport photos for each applicant, 2 photos of the outside of our home, 2 photos of the inside of our home)
  5. Home study (notarized)
  6. Employment letters (notarized)
  7. Financial statement (notarized)
  8. Original birth certificates
  9. Copies of identifying pages of our passports (notarized)
  10. Original marriage certificate
  11. Declaration and attestation of health forms (notarized)
  12. FBI clearance letters (notarized)
  13. 2 letters of reference from friends
  14. Obligation of post-placement contract, stating that we will provide annual reports to the Ethiopian government post-placement (notarized)
  15. Copy of USCIS approval (notarized)

The entire package will go to the U.S. State Department and then to the Ethiopian Embassy for authentication. This wasn’t required the last time around.

We were asked to complete the dossier within two months. I’m glad that we got started on this now, before we get a referral, since I know we will have other things to focus on once that happens.

I have everything in motion for the pieces that involve more than us signing papers in front of a notary – we got fingerprinted (for FBI clearances) on Friday, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow (Craig doesn’t need one because his doctor is cooler than mine and she’ll just sign the form without a new exam), we ordered new birth and marriage certificates, Craig obtained his employment letter (which comes from out of state; mine is easy since I work in an 8-person office and can get it at any time), etc. We should have everything together within the next week or so, except for the FBI clearances, which will probably take 3 or 4 weeks to come back.

It’s a good activity to keep me busy, so I’m not complaining. Between this and the hassle of continuing home projects as a result of Irene and her aftermath, I am more than busy. And that’s fine by me.
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18 Responses to do-over

  1. Kyra says:

    Can you at least use some of the same papers as last time? Or do you need new photos of your house, a rewritten statement of reason, etc?

    I love the quotation mark link. I once had a student who wrote “Test” (with quotation marks) at the top of every test. Drove me crazy! What did he think it actually was?

    • Kelly says:

      I am trying to find the photos I had taken before, and if I do, I’ll just re-order prints. (If not, it’s easy enough to take a few photos of the house.) And we will review our statement of reason and probably just change the date and call it a day on that (unless we are compelled to make changes). We told our friends they could just change the dates on their letters and use the same ones, too.

  2. Sue says:

    Do over is perfect. You should let them know!

  3. kwatkinsinfl says:

    We just finished our “update.” Yes, it is basically doing the ENTIRE thing over again. On the bright side, it is soooo much easier to do the second time around…once you’ve already figured out where to go for everything. I was lucky that I ordered multiple copies of birth certificates and marriage licenses the first time around, so I had those handy. I haven’t sent to the embassy yet…still waiting for WHFC to check our work before we send it to the courier. It is amazing how much the process has changed.

  4. Sarah says:

    Weird, weird, weird! I don’t really get the whole idea of immutable documents like birth/marriage certs “expiring”. I guess we were lucky we never had to update, although we did have to renew fingerprints. Let’s hope this is the last time!!! And once again, your positive attitude amazes me 🙂

  5. Erin says:

    I can’t believe how long this is all taking…..You would think they would want to get these children out to safe, loving environments as quickly as possible. I mean I understand why it doesn’t take a week or anything but still. I don’t understand how some people here in the states are matched in a matter of months…..or even weeks.

  6. Jennifr says:

    OMG> I guess the good thing is the time until referral will FLY. I am betting you get the referral before you finish. You are correct. After referral, you will spend too much time gushing over the photo and shopping. Get it done now.

  7. Evelyn says:

    Holy smokes! A do-over for sure. I CANNOT wait to hear of your referral, Kelly!

  8. sue says:

    i love that you called it a do-over! you will deserve a few glasses of wine after you get it all “updated”~

  9. Ellen says:

    OMG, Kelly. One dossier was bad enough. I cannot imagine having to do it all over. But you are close … SO close!! 🙂

  10. molly says:

    So *that’s* what they mean by “update”. Do-over is a much better term. Gah. Will the paperwork ever end? 🙂

  11. Sandra says:

    Oh wow. I want to cry just reading this. And it’s not even me having to do all of this. Holy cow. You are so overdue for a referral….

  12. Meg B says:

    Oh you are getting close now! This makes me so happy!

  13. Liz says:

    Wow, that is a lot to do over! Hope that referral call is just around the corner for you!

  14. Krista says:

    Argh. I feel the same about the paperwork – what a freaking joke! But this will all soon be over… and the paperwork will be a distant nightmare…

  15. christine says:

    I had to laugh at Krista’s comment because I thought “Or you could end up like me who was only able to file everything away yesterday, four years after starting the paperwork!” 😉

    It’s annoying… but I say anything to keep you busy during this leg of the wait is a good thing!

  16. Kelly says:

    Um, yeah, “update” my ass. That is crazy, but I know you do whatever it takes to make the bureaucracies happy. And busy work may be just what the doctor ordered right now. Good luck getting everything together, Kelly!

  17. Wow, what an insane amount of paperwork to gather! You’ve got a good attitude towards the extra work!

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