moving right along

Thank you to all who offered words of support and comfort on my last post. One reason I felt compelled to share my meltdown was because I know others out there have times like that, too. And that you get it. So, thank you. Thank you!

I had my two-hour meltdown and then I was able to move right along with life. Because, you know, life does go on.

So, in the theme of moving right along, I’ll share the basement project I completed last weekend. As I think I’ve mentioned before, we have planned for quite a while to create a new storage area in our finished basement. We have a couple of closeted areas, but it’s simply not enough space for odds and ends like holiday decorations and golf clubs and furniture we’re not using but don’t want to part with. So, since we had an area that seemed like it would lend itself to some shelving and a simple set of curtains, we decided that would be an inexpensive and flexible way to create some more storage space.

Here’s what the basement looked like before (which you might remember is actually an “after” shot):

In order to make this project happen, we had to get rid of the old couch and matching chair. We were NOT sorry to see these go when the Salvation Army came to pick them up! Then we had to pick out some shelves and hang a curtain rod and curtains – nothing fancy. I should note that I completed this project all by myself. Well, except for when I learned my lesson about trying to get the first shelf in place in the shelving unit by myself, even though the I.kea directions clearly show two people assembling the item. Of course, the whole thing collapsed and fell on me and marked up the walls. So then I did ask Craig for help. He was both sick and studying for a midterm, so I let him be for most of the time except for getting that first shelf in place!

Here’s the new storage area:

I was able to move things out of our pantry and under-the-stairs closet to the new area, which makes those storage spaces more functional and usable. That has already been a great improvement.

In addition to storage space, since this is a finished basement, we can really use it for other purposes. Up to this point, it’s basically been for exercise (on random occasion when either of us is motivated to work out at home – and I would love to add a treadmill to this space someday), but we really hope it will be a good play area someday. So we pulled a couple of old chairs out of other places in the house and I got new brightly-colored cushions for them. I hung a colorful print on the wall and I now feel like this is a pretty cheery room (at least for a basement). I look forward to the day when multi-colored plastic toys take over this space!

See the white curtains? That’s the storage space.

This project was also the first project that we needed to complete in order to get the house ready for a new family member. By getting this space set up, we can now start doing things to eventually clear out my office to be used as a nursery, since there’s a certain chain of events that will need to take place to move furniture and stored items around. We know we have time (probably more than we expected), and we’re not in any rush. But at least we have this first step done.

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13 Responses to moving right along

  1. Angela Hall-Richards says:


    I missed your last post until now. I was worried about you guys when the news about Ethiopia came through and what you experienced was normal. I hope this process picks up eventually just for you guys. You’re so deserving.

    Your basement is really bright and cheery. I like it.

  2. Brandi says:

    It looks great!!! It is a totally different room! I LOVE those green chairs…I have one that I read in and it’s so comfy!

    Just read your last post. You’ve been going through this for so long. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and hope it all ends soon. Love ya and miss ya!!!

  3. Jenny says:

    it looks FABULOUS! i LOVE how LIGHT your basement is! great job! can’t wait for before & after nursery pics 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    It looks great. I am sitting in one of those IKEA chairs right now. Very comfy!

  5. Janet says:

    What a great idea for a storage space with a curtain in front. I like it!
    That room in your basement will make a GREAT play room!! Very cheery. I’m seriously jealous of that space. I soooo wish we had a finished basement…especially as more & more toys are in our home. But…I love the toys too & right now Little D is way too young to play in the basement solo.

  6. Wow, Kelly! That’s such a beautiful way to create more space! I’m so impressed. Looks so clean and tidy. And, I LOVE that it’s the project that kicks off all the wonderful things you’ll be doing to prepare for your little one.

  7. colleen says:

    it looks so great! i love the bright cheery print on the wall too. 🙂

  8. Christine says:

    Wow Kelly, I’m super impressed! Those shelves can be quite the undertaking. It looks AMAZING!!! And I LOVE the chairs and the print! I can’t wait to see how this room transforms either…

  9. Barbara says:

    It looks great, Kelly! So neat and organized too. Our basement looks like Toys R Us threw up in it 🙂 Soon that will be your new normal! Can’t wait to see pics of that too. It’s so nice to accomplish projects that you have on your to-do list. I’m getting the itch to spring clean and finish some projects here!

  10. I can’t believe you did all of that yourself! The finished result looks fabulous. I can’t wait to see pictures with plastic toys everywhere. (: You will definitely use that space a lot when you have a toddler running around. Our basement is also finished with a playroom, and it’s great to be able to store the boys’ toys in there. I love the picture on the wall, and the green cushions make the room look really cheery. Enjoy it!

  11. sue says:

    this looks awesome! i absolutely love it! and the storage area is perfect. it’s a perfect space for a little one to run around and play in!

  12. I have that unfinished basement as I mentioned that needs some love….looking good girl. Great finished product!

  13. Kelly says:

    Oh wow – what a transformation! It doesn’t even look like a basement – it looks like a pleasant place to hang out. It will make a GREAT playroom some day. Wish our basement was finished. Toys are EVERYWHERE …. Good job!!

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