on (and off) the needles

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about knitting on the blog, so here is a full-fledged update for the couple of people out there who might be interested.

This is what our guest room has looked like since early December. (Obviously, we haven’t had any overnight guests!)

That’s my very first hand-knit sweater, set up for blocking on the floor. Well, I had already blocked it in pieces, prior to sewing it up. The measurements were just right. However, what you’re seeing here is an attempt to block it down in size after realizing it was horrendously large on me. No such luck – it doesn’t fit at all. It’s really too bad, since I’m quite proud of how it turned out… minus the fact, of course, that it doesn’t fit. See the pretty detail:

I have a couple of potential fixes in mind, although I haven’t attempted anything in the nearly three months since I finished the project. One is to make it more of a wrap sweater, sewing on the buttons (which I haven’t attached yet) over to one side to make up the extra room in the waist. (It is supposed to be a straight-forward cardigan, with buttons in the middle.) Another is to take it to my local yarn shop owner, who offered to steek it for me, which means she would take scissors to it and then sew it back together. That sounds pretty scary, but then again, I’m not doing anything else with it. We’ll see…

By the way, that is theΒ Sojourner Cardigan (Ravelry link)Β by Dena Childs in Valley Yarns Valley Superwash DK.

Here is a new hat I knit up while in Denver:

Butterfly Hat with Cascade 220 in color 2404.

I had fun taking these photos with our new camera! I never could have gotten this detail with our old one.


As for things that are ON the needles, I’ve got a few things underway.

My first priority is finishing up this sweater that I started last summer, but set aside once I realized I wouldn’t have it done until the weather was such that I wouldn’t be able to wear it.

As you can see, I have the back done as well as one of the front panels. I hope to finish this by April 1st. I saw a few crocuses in bloom today, so I do know that spring is on its way!

I have also started another short-sleeved cardigan. However, this one is more of a fall sweater, so I have a feeling I’ll set this aside until mid-summer when I’m motivated to work on it for the fall. I seem to have a bad habit of starting things too late.

Yes, another blue! This pattern calls for 10″ of a boring ribbed pattern (that’s about 9″ of it there) and then it gets more interesting.

And finally, here is a project I started in Denver, after finishing my hat and realizing I didn’t have any knitting left. (This was a problem, given the excessive amount of television watching that was going on.) My mom and I visited a local yarn store (Lamb Shoppe – doesn’t it seem like yarn stores always have the cutest names?) and I was inspired to pick up yarn for yet another baby project. But this time, it’s a baby project for MY baby. I know that I have many, many months until I will have a baby in need of a blanky, but I finally feel like I can start to work on something like this. It’s a big step.

I’ve always wanted to make a pretty baby blanket in a white-ish color. Not the most practical, I know. But lovely.

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18 Responses to on (and off) the needles

  1. Meg B says:

    I couldn’t be more impressed. Quit your day job and do this full time so I can have you knit me things…

  2. Emily says:


  3. Christine says:

    Kelly, I’m all teary reading about your newest project. I’m not sure if I want to burst into tears or let out a silly, happy squeal!!! Congrats. It’s a huge step and I’m so happy for you. (I also find that the white baby blanket we have is practical because it can be sun-bleached. That’s saved me!)

    I love seeing projects that we’ve talked about… the purplish sweater is beautiful! I love how it’s coming out! I also ADORE the first sweater and am *so* bummed that it doesn’t fit. The detail and stitching is amazing. I say go for the steek.

    And the hat?! EEK! LOVE it. I may need to knit one of those up myself…

  4. colleen says:

    wow! i am truly impressed! you’ve got some mad knitting skills, girl! πŸ™‚

  5. sue says:

    holy cow! you are amazing!

    i LOVE that you are working on a blankey for YOUR baby! so, so sweet! i can’t wait to see it finished!!!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Kelly, you are so incredibly talented! I LOVE all your pieces, but the last one, of course, is my favorite. How wonderfully exciting, on so many levels, to be starting something for YOUR baby.

  7. Emily B. says:

    WOW!! I am super impressed with the detail on that sweater. Gorgeous!! And I love that you are starting a project for your baby!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous!! I even LOVE the blue color. It is just beautiful.

    I just said a few months ago I don’t like blue, and someone said you better get used to the color now. πŸ˜‰

  9. zsmama says:

    All Beautiful!! I’m so happy you started something for YOUR baby. A really hard step, I know. Fantastic!

  10. Holli says:

    Yay for fibery posts! Well done on all your projects – they’re gorgeous and full of such detail. I think you ought to take the oversized (amazing!) cardigan to the yarn shop for some steeking. You’ll have an FO you can wear and appreciate — and the owner there wouldn’t have offered that service if she wasn’t fully confident in her skills. Steeking is something I’ve been wanting to try for years.

    And I’m so excited you’ve started a project for your baby. Interestingly, I just ordered yarn for my first project for mine. It’s small and cute and will be such fun to work up — stay tuned…

    Keep up the good work, Kelly.


  11. Krista says:

    Love it all! I so wish I could knit…

  12. Sandra says:

    You are so talented. Most of all I love the beginnings of the baby blanket for your son/daughter. What a special project.

  13. Sue says:

    I’m envious of anyone who can knit, BUT you can really knit. Beautiful. Wow.

  14. Great work, Kelly! What a smart thing to do while you’re watching television, and much more interesting than the folding of laundry that I normally do. I love your sweater, and I hope that you can get it fixed so you can actually wear it. Your ongoing projects are great, especially that beautiful off-white baby blanket, made with love by Mommy. (: I can’t wait to see your baby with it!

  15. Angela Hall-Richards says:

    OMG! You’re so talented! I love all of your knitting projects and can’t wait to see that pretty baby blanket. I love the yarn! I have to scroll down some more to read about your new camera. I remember your old one was broken in Italy.

  16. Kelly says:

    It IS a big step, Kelly, and I’m so glad you took it! A blanket is a great idea, too, because it will take a little while to finish so it’ll help pass the time while you think about your child wrapped in that lovely yarn πŸ™‚

    I love all your sweaters – the detailing is amazing! Sorry about the size issues – do the steek thing so it’ll fit – it’s too nice not to wear! That’s why I’ll never be attempting a sweater myself. I’ll stick to scarves and hats, thank you very much. Btw, you and Janet and Christine (who have all been posting about knitting recently) inspired me to pick the needles back up a few nights ago after a year hiatus and it feels GREAT! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Guess what – I’ve been to the Lamb Shoppe! It’s great! Oh and it’s very close to where my friends live who we were talking about the other day …

  17. Janet says:

    I agree with Kelly — take that beautiful (!!!!) sweater in & have the person steek it (I never knew that term…but know the concept…which scares me to death to even think of it). You need to wear that gorgeous sweater. I love the detail. Wow! Super impressive! That hat is also gorgeous! You do nice work, my friend.

    YAY for starting a baby blanket for your baby! I loved working on D’s…and I started it long before we received his referral. It helped it seem more REAL that there would be a baby in our house using that blanket…eventually!

    I also LOVE yarn shop names…especially one having to do with lambs or sheep. Too cute.

  18. Brandi Pold says:

    Girl, if you’re ever up to making one of those sweaters for a long lost roommate, I’d LOVE to have one!!!! πŸ™‚

    SO happy to hear you’re making something for your baby! Every time I walk past the baby section at a store, I keep looking at cute little things and wondering if you will get a boy or girl. I can’t wait to be able to put a box together and send it to you!!

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