i’ve lost that blogging feeling

[Sung to the tune of “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” a la Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”.]

I seem to have lost interest in blogging. Don’t worry, though – I’m quite certain that this is temporary and that I will be back sooner as opposed to later. What’s funny is that I have my typical stream of posts in my head, but I just don’t feel like writing them. I could write about helping my mom move to Denver, or my latest finished knitting project (or two – hopefully another will be done today), or how I’m feeling about The Wait, or that Craig and I are trying to finally plan our vacation for our 10th anniversary this fall. But I just don’t feel like it.

I think it’s due to a number of factors, one being that this summer has been the busiest and most stressful time ever in my professional life, and another being that we have now reached five years on our family-building journey. Plus, there have hardly been any referrals from our agency this summer and the wait times are increasing. Add to that the disgustingly hot and humid weather we’ve had all summer, and I am one cranky Kelly!

But, I’m still here, and really, I’m fine. I’ll be back soon, I’m sure.

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15 Responses to i’ve lost that blogging feeling

  1. Recently I have thought that I needed some sort of speech-to-text or thoughts-to-text device that I can use at night while I lay in bed to help compose blog posts. My mind seems to run rampant at night. Nothing new for me, especially since I am a project manager at heart. I have lists, to-do’s, etc and I feel like I can never get caught up lately. I too have been so drained, mentally and physically, that I can barely muster up the energy to blog. If you notice, its been mostly photos and such going on our blog. We are here, thinking of you, when you are ready. Just keep us up to date once in a while with a FB status.
    PS I blame the damn heat as well!

  2. Alan says:

    I know the feeling. There’s something about summer that seems to sap the words out of a person.

    (Of course, when you’re blogging about an adoption process that consists primarily of waiting at this point, there isn’t always much to say!)

    See you guys soon.

  3. Jenny says:

    i hear ya! we hit the one year adoption mark/2.5 years trying to be parents mark and THAT sucked. i can’t imagine how i’d feel after 5 😦

    and referrals have been SOOOO SLOW at our agency since june. what the heck? i knew they were supposed to slow down in sept/oct, but not june-august!!! blah.

  4. Meg B says:

    Glad to hear you are well and I totally get having the Blog Blahs. Hang in there, you have a great online community out here rooting for you!

  5. I’m totally with you, as you know. I like Michelle’s idea of thought-to-text technology. That would save me so much time and effort.
    Wow, five years is a long time – you deserve a break.
    Hope those referrals pick up in pace!!!

  6. Janet says:

    Thanks for checking in with us. No worries…we’ll be here when you feel like blogging. The long waits are SO HARD, especially if they keep getting longer. Looking forward to hearing about your anniversary trip. 10 years is special!

  7. Liz says:

    Hope you get back in the groove – in all areas – soon!

  8. angela says:

    Hey Kelly!! Thanks for the update. It’s hot as Hades down here too!

  9. eastiopians says:

    Hugs! Have a nice cold drink and put your feet up. You deserve it.


  10. sue says:

    i can totally relate! take all the time you need.

    i’m so sorry about the wait times. i would be cranky too. sending hugs to you!

  11. Christine says:

    Oh Kelly, HUGS. I can so relate to your lost bloggy feeling… I go through those phases as well (obviously for different reasons) While I’ve noticed your absence in the blog world, I’ve luckily had access to you elsewhere. 🙂

    Just remember to breathe…
    (Yeah, I have to remind myself as well!)

  12. We miss you, but are glad that you keep us updated on FB. Looking forward to reading your thoughts when you get that bloggy feeling back. (:

  13. Kelly Cole says:

    Kelly, it’s totally understandable. Although selfishly I miss reading your posts on a regular basis. But take a break, sounds like you need one. Having the five-year mark sneak up on you is a bummer. On the other hand, ten years is a big, exciting milestone. Ours is coming up next month, too. Wait, did we also get married same time, too? I lose track of all the things we have in common! Anyway, I hope you and Craig do it up really well so Jon and I can live vicariously through you this year. I’m sure it’ll be your last sans kids so I say GO CRAZY!!!

  14. Emily B. says:

    Now I have that song stuck in my head! 🙂 ha! I hope the referrals pick up soon and Congrats on your anniversary!! Hugs!

  15. Totally understandable!

    Thinking of you and hoping for things to be on the up&up soon!

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