summing it all up

To say that I am unhappy with my job would be a gross understatement. I have seriously considered quitting, but that’s just not practical when 1) we rely on my income to help cover our expenses and 2) we need to save a large sum of money for our adoption. (Not to mention: 3) We want to take a nice vacation this fall.) So, I stick with it and keep at it. And I’ll survive.

I am, however, continually looking for a new job. Unfortunately, there just aren’t many out there right now. I keep sharing my resume and trying to network to make new connections. Hopefully something new will come up, but if not, the plan is for me to quit when I become a mother and then look for something new when the timing is right for our family.

We’ve had a couple of people leave our office lately, and since we are a small, financially-strapped nonprofit, it will take some time to hire new people. Also, I have asked to switch projects within the office, as I think this other project will at least be more interesting to me, plus it will reduce the number of clients I have and it will allow me to gain some new skills. So, now I am continuing to do my regular job (which involves directing a project, a full case load, and my role as supervising attorney, which will continue when I switch projects). I am also starting to get into the new project (directing a different project and handling cases) AND I am covering my former paralegal/outreach/intake person’s role (she left last week). As a result, I’m practically drowning in work. But I guess that’s better than being bored. And since I long ago decided that I simply won’t put in extra hours unless deadlines require them (due to my low salary), it doesn’t mean that I’m putting in extra hours. It just means that I feel like I can’t breathe while I’m in the office.

[And this totally explains why I’m blogging right now, in the middle of the work day, while sitting in my office. Duh!]

Anyway, today is one of my colleagues’ last day with us. The term colleague is not really appropriate here; D is actually a wonderful friend. She is definitely my closest friend in the office, and I will really, really miss her. She is the only other reasonable, normal person in the office, I swear! I know she will not be gone from my life, as she and her husband and Craig and I like to spend time together, and they are not moving away. But I’m really sad to see her leave the place where I spend 40 hours a week.

As a simple going-away gesture, I went to the store last night to find a card to give to D. I was looking for a card that would be appropriate for everyone in the office to sign. I did eventually find that card, but I found an even better one while looking. It just sums up all of my feelings about my job!

Nice sentiment, right?

[Sorry for the poor photo quality.]

Absolutely. Perfect.

I laughed so hard in the store that I had tears in my eyes. D loved it as well. I think I’ll try to remember this card at times when I’m at work and I simply need a good laugh!

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16 Responses to summing it all up

  1. sue says:

    that totally sucks that your friend is leaving! i know what it’s like to have that one person you connect with leave your workplace. hopefully you won’t be working there too much longer!

  2. Erin says:

    I Know that feeling of hating a job but not being able to leave or it not being the right time. It sucks. Sorry. Hopefully you will become a mommy soon and you can quit πŸ˜‰

  3. AJ says:

    I certainly what your feeling. There’s a point that comes where you feel like you just can’t bear it anymore. It certainly makes every day a challenge. It especially sucks when the person you can commiserate with most leaves before you! I hope you find something new soon, but in the mean time, I hope that you can focus on all the wonderful things the money you’re earning will buy you. πŸ™‚

    • AJ says:

      Ugh. I hate it when I look like an illiterate nincompoop! I obviously meant to write, “I certainly know what you’re feeling.”

  4. Kris says:

    Good for you for not putting in extra hours! I hope switching projects makes your job more enjoyable and that your job hunt turns up something new. So sorry to hear that your friend is leaving.

  5. Love the card. And sometimes its okay to say things just plainly suck.

  6. Liz says:

    So sorry you are miserable in your job, I know the feeling well…my problem is that I don’t have enough to do and am bored, so being super busy sounds pretty good to me right now!

  7. Emily B. says:

    I totally relate to this post!!!! Do you love how I am commenting on your blog post while I am still at work!! πŸ™‚ The card is definitely hilarious. Sorry that your friend is leaving. Yep, that sucks.

  8. Kala says:

    I love the card!! Hoping you get some good news about a job soon πŸ™‚

  9. Jenny says:

    i love the card! it’s perfect! i hate that your job is sucky 😦 i know how that feels… maybe the other project WILL be better! even better than expected!!

  10. Christine says:

    Oh, this card is just awesome!!! I really hope the new project will help you like your job better… at least until your next path illuminates itself!

  11. Leah says:

    That card is awesome. Love it! πŸ™‚

  12. Ugh, not enjoying your job is SO hard! Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope things improve or change for you soon!

  13. says:

    That card is too cute Kelly. I’m glad you have a steadfast spirit about your job even though it’s not your idea dream right now.

    You know I quit a long-term job last year and it was rough finding a descent one again. I love my job now, but it took one year of kissing frogs to land it. I’ve made more in the past, but I’m working from home on most days, so I can’t complain too much.

    Hope you land another one really soon.

  14. Kelly says:

    I hope you get a new job soon, Kelly. Hating where you are 40 hours a week is not good for the soul. I do like that card though. Hang in there.

  15. Doug says:

    Hang in there Kelly. You are doing the right thing by making the decision to change your situation–even if it unfortunately isn’t entirely under your control right now. So many people are miserable and never act. It doesn’t help in the short run, but change will eventually come.

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