life (lately)

Lately, I’ve been a big slacker in the blog department. I honestly have not had the time or energy to post to the blog; life keeps getting in the way! I have about ten posts jumbled in my head, and I hope to find the time this week to put pen to paper (or… umm… fingers to keyboard, as it were) and get a bit caught up.

Here’s a sampling of what’s been going on:

  • My mom visited for Mother’s Day weekend. We had a great time. Post coming soon.
  • I visited my grandmother this past weekend. I had a nice time, even though the neighbors finally secured their wireless network and I wasn’t able to blog away the weekend as I had planned. Post coming soon.
  • Craig was admitted to a PhD program in computer science! He’ll start this fall. This is big, exciting, and frankly scary news, especially as we embark on parenthood in the next year or so. We’re hoping that he will be accepted into a program that his company offers which would allow him to use one day a week to work on his studies (and still get paid his full salary). Can you say, “Bye-bye, World of Warcraft”?
  • I lost out on a really exciting job opportunity. This was the potential big news I mentioned a few weeks ago. It was really a perfect position for me and I was incredibly excited about the possibility of making a positive, significant change in my career. They narrowed it down to one other candidate and me, and I endured an 8-hour interview with about 15 different high-level people. I really thought I had it in the bag – I was definitely qualified, I knew several people involved, and the interviews went well. It turns out the other candidate has ten years with the biggest law firm in the area under his belt, and that was the deciding factor against lowly old public interest attorney me. It’s very disappointing. And today I found out that my paralegal is leaving, which likely means that I’ll be stuck with her job (in addition to mine) for a few months until we can fill the position. If we can re-hire for the position, that is (nonprofit funding in the toilet means we might not be able to). Ugh.
  • My mom sold her house and is moving to Denver this summer! I am going to help her drive from Michigan to Denver and unpack during the first week of August.
  • Craig made plans to visit his extended family in Oklahoma City in June. His dad will be there for two weeks from Thailand (where he lives). Unfortunately, airfare to OKC is ridiculous and I won’t be joining him. This makes me feel like a bit of a loser. On the other hand, I am already looking forward to my 4-day-weekend all by myself.
  • Craig continues to help his mom through her chemotherapy. I haven’t posted an update on Heide in ages, and that’s terrible of me. She is doing REALLY WELL with her treatment. After the first four rounds of chemo, all of her tumors had been significantly reduced. She is now almost through her second four-treatment round, and we hope that her next scans will show that the tumor in her breast has shrunk enough that it can be surgically removed. She is tolerating the treatment really well, and she is in good spirits. Take that, stage 4 breast cancer!
  • We made tentative plans to go on a weekend trip with our good friends to the mountains of Western Maryland. This will be fun. We just need to select a date and make plans.
  • My volunteer work is a bit out of control, due to a budget crisis (the city is planning on cutting 12% of the operating grant, which is most of our budget) and an upcoming concert benefit that I am way too involved in planning.

All in all, over the past several weeks, our weekends have been jam-packed (mostly with good stuff, though, which is important to remember). I have had an average of one evening a week where I had to work, one evening a week of animal shelter commitments, and one evening a week of book club/dinner plans/something fun. This has left approximately one evening a week for the rest of life, such as laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning up the house, Glee and Lost, etc. It’s just been way too much. I actually long for some boredom!

But at least we are keeping busy, right?

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14 Responses to life (lately)

  1. Jenny says:

    oh my! i’m tired now! whew! i think i already told said congrats about your hubby on facebook, but if not, congrats! so awesome! and i’m so glad his mom’s doing well… that’s wonderful news!

    i hate you’re having to do double duty at work and i hate you didn’t get that other job 😦 maybe it’s SOMEHOW for the best…???

  2. My GOODNESS, you’ve been busy!!! And excuse me, but an EIGHT HOUR interview?! I think I would vomit.

  3. Sarah says:

    Um, yeah, that is a lot going on! Congrats to your husband on his grad school acceptance. And I’m sorry you didn’t get the job…that sucks. Looking forward to more in depth posts, but I totally get life getting in the way of blogging about it. I agree that keeping busy is good thing!

  4. CatherineD says:

    This is a GREAT update! I completely understand not having energy to blog… I’ve even considered quitting the blog gig, but I think I would miss all of my bloggy friends too much.

    As you know, it’s good to keep busy while you wait. And, it sounds like you are keeping VERY busy! Good for you!

  5. Meg B says:

    Wow, you have been busy. So glad to hear about your mother in law. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and i am familiar with all that goes with chemo, radiation, etc. I totally understand wanting some time to be bored…even when you are busy with “fun” stuff, down time is good too!

  6. Kris says:

    Wow!! You ARE busy! Sorry about the lost job opportunity – are you still looking for something else? And that is awesome news about Craig’s mom! I’m so glad to hear the chemo is working.

    Get those plans set to go to the mountains. Sounds like you will need a break soon!

  7. sue says:

    holy cow lady! you need a vacation! but being busy is always great!

    i’ve been wondering about Craig’s mom, so i’m glad you did an update on her. so happy she is doing so well and kicking cancer’s ars!

    sorry to hear about your job stuff. that plain sucks. especially after all the hard work you put into it.

  8. Zoe says:

    It was great to read all your news – I’ve been missing your blog posts! Sorry about the job… that stinks. But there’s lots of great things going on and it sounds like an exciting summer ahead. Big congrats to Craig on getting into the PhD program!

  9. Emily B. says:

    I was glad to see your blog pop up on my reader with a new post. I had missed you! πŸ™‚ Holy Smokes!! You are BUSY!!! I’m sorry to hear that the new job opportunity didn’t work out. I can’t imagine an eight hour interview. Blech! Thinking of you!!!! AND thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog!! They mean a lot!!

  10. Leah says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a ton going on! Major bummer about not getting that job. I know how disappointing that is.

  11. You deserve a break! We will still be here when you are ready. Yeah for a move to Denver, I would love to go back and yeah for kicking that cancer’s ass!!!! Boo on the job though.

  12. Christine says:

    Ok, I feel like i need a nap now! I thought i had a lot going on… But it’s nothing in comparison… Wow!!!

    Congrats to Craig! And your mom! And sympathies to you on the job… I really think there is something even more perfect for you out there… But for now, it just stinks.

  13. Krista says:

    Slow down girl! That is a busy couple of weeks – I’m tired just reading about it all. I’m sorry to read that you didn’t get the job you were after 😦

  14. Kelly says:

    Phew, you are busy! But busy means time flies which is what you want when you are waiting for a referral so that part is good. As you know, I hate that you didn’t get that job. But I had no idea your interview was EIGHT hours?! Holy crap.

    Congrats to Craig – I had to laugh at your “Bye Bye to World of Witchcraft” comment – you are so funny. Glad his mom is doing well.

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