I feel like this is old news now, but after a very busy week and a jam-packed weekend, I am finally coming up for air and finding the time to post about our wonderful trip to New York City last weekend. Simply put: We had a fantastic time!

This trip was special to me in many ways, but primarily, it was special because I got to meet and spend time with two of my great bloggy friends. Christine and Kelly had planned to meet up in New York (their husbands both had business there at the same time) and I was lucky enough to weasel receive an invitation to join them. This was a bit of a spontaneous trip for us, deciding to go just a few days before the weekend. The timing was perfect, as Craig and I had recently noted that 1) we really needed a little get-away from the regular grind, and 2) we don’t get to New York nearly as often as we should, given that we only live a few hours away from the Big Apple.

We took the MegaBus from Baltimore to New York, since several friends have recently suggested that the bus is the best way to make the trip. I have to say, the bus was great. It was convenient and clean, the route is a straight shot without any stops, and there is free WiFi. We even departed and arrived on time. We hopped on the subway and made it to our hotel, the Tribeca Grand, in no time. We were greeted with complimentary glasses of champagne upon check-in, and at that moment I resolved to stay in hotels offering free champagne more often. πŸ™‚ The hotel was nice and hip – definitely hipper than we are – and situated in a great location. We’ll definitely keep it in mind for future trips.

Shortly after checking in, the whole gang – Christine, Doug, and their 20-month-old cutie Spencer, and Kelly and Jon – met up with us in the hotel lounge. I was so excited to see them walk in! I can only speak for myself, but I honestly didn’t feel like I was just meeting these women. We have all gotten to know each other quite well through our blogs and FB, and it seemed like we were reconnecting with old friends instead of just meeting them. And Spencer! He did so well entertaining six adults all weekend, and I also felt like I already knew him since Christine does such a fabulous job with her photos and story-telling on her blog. His personality was just what I expected (delightful), and so was his energy level! (Let me tell you, ladies – Christine is not exaggerating!)

After meeting everyone, Craig and I were in for a big treat – a yummy Korean dinner with this knowledgeable group. Spencer was adopted from South Korea, and Kelly and Jon are waiting for their lingering paperwork to be finished so they can travel to Seoul to bring home their son, Max. I had only had Korean food once before, and I think it was at a buffet and I had no idea what I was eating. Reading so many SK adoption blogs has made me want to try the cuisine again, and this was the perfect time. We enjoyed bulgogi, bibimbop, kimchi pancakes, and jap chae. It was all wonderful, and this meal will definitely lead us to explore our Korean dining options back here in Baltimore. After dinner, Spencer needed to get some tubby time and go to bed, but Kelly and Jon joined Craig and me for a couple of cocktails back at our hotel.

[Sorry. We apparently didn’t take any photos on the first day.]

Saturday was a glorious spring day in New York, and we headed up to Central Park. I can think of few better places to spend a few hours than this national treasure. It’s such a marvelous place to people-watch, take in sights and sounds, and relax. We watched Spencer enjoy some playground time and we loved exploring the park.

Spencer seemed to be fascinated by the various musicians in the park:

And four out of six adults were fascinated with checking in on foursquare (and I should note that Craig and I are now set up on foursquare as well – we want to be as cool as these guys were):

After exploring the park, we found a bite to eat for lunch, and took a quick trip to FAO Schwartz. We walked down Fifth Avenue toward Rockefeller Center.

This was an exciting sight on the day a certain new device was released:

We then took the subway down to Battery Park and enjoyed some more playground time. Following that, we grabbed dinner at a pizza place and then had to say goodbye to Christine, Doug, and Spencer, who were leaving early in the morning. (Spencer’s wake-up time is about 4 hours earlier than mine, I think.) Spencer gave everyone a sweet hug goodbye. The rest of us watched some Final Four basketball back at the hotel. After our long day, Craig and I didn’t quite make it through Kelly’s big Duke game, but I suppose we were begrudgingly happy that they won (since they knocked our team out of the tournament this year).

On Sunday, Kelly and Jon took us to a spot they have visited before for brunch, Bubby’s. We parted ways, and they went to meet a relative for lunch and Craig and I decided to check out the Museum of Modern Art. I have always wanted to visit that museum, and it was a great choice for our last few hours in New York. We found a cute little French cafe for lunch, and then took an uneventful bus ride back home.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to get a group photo – not even of just the three ladies. We were all too busy watching Spencer and playing on smart phones, I think! Kelly and I had our photo taken together on Sunday but neither of us really like it, so we’re not going to share it with the whole world. Thankfully Craig took this shot at Battery Park, so there is actually proof that we were all there together. (Well, minus Craig, who was behind the lens.) Note that all eyes are on either on Spencer or a smart phone:

We had such a fabulous time, in so many ways. We spent time with friends, it was a perfect spring weekend, and New York never ceases to fascinate me. I was so glad to get to know Christine and Kelly better, and also Doug and Jon. And I can’t say enough about Spencer. I swear, I felt like I was meeting a rock star! I truly hope we can all connect another time soon. Until then, we’ll always have New York City.

Of course, I look forward to meeting all of my other bloggy friends sometime as well. Let me know if you’re ever in Baltimore (or even DC), and I will drop everything to meet any of you!

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18 Responses to nyc

  1. Kelly Cole says:

    Fun reliving it again with your post! I agree with everything you said πŸ™‚ Yes, we’ll always have New York. Here’s to next time when there will be 6 adults and THREE kids!!

  2. angela says:

    I’ve seen that crosswalk in Central Park on television many times Kelly. It seems you guys had an awesome trip. Glad to hear you met some of your blog buddies!

  3. Christine says:

    I *love* this post! (And, uhm, you beat me on finishing the posts!) I second Kelly wholeheartedly. But I also am pretty sure we’ll be seeing you in Baltimore this summer (plans still TBD) and I am so excited already for the possibility! I’m really hoping we get to experience Ethiopian food you then?!

    It was so nice to “meet” you! (And Spencer agrees… he’s looked at the above “group” shot many times since…)

  4. Meg says:

    Great post and hooray for meeting blog friends! I met with one gal a few weeks ago and it was fantastic! It is so nice to connect with other APs/PAPs!

  5. live2roam says:

    I am glad things are slowing down for you and you had a great time in NYC!

  6. Erin says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip to NYC. I want to vacation there soooo bad one day.

  7. Leah says:

    It sounds like such a wonderful trip! Isn’t it fun meeting blog friends? I just met my first this weekend as well, and it was amazing. It’s as if we weren’t even meeting for the first time. πŸ™‚ Glad yours sounded fun as well. πŸ™‚

  8. Anne says:

    I’m always a little jealous when blogging buddies get to meet up…because I want to do way more of that than I get to! I have seen Christine’s pics, too, and it sounded like such an awesome time!!

  9. Kala says:

    Sounds like you had fun! I’m going to be in Baltimore this weekend with friends but only for a day and a half. It only takes me an hour to get there so we should meet up sometime!

  10. Emily B. says:

    So jealous that you are so close to NYC! There is no other place like it in my opinion. Love it that you got to meet some bloggy friends in person!!! What a great getaway!!

  11. So, so much fun!!! And what a great time of year to go. Glad you had lovely weather and good times πŸ™‚
    And gooooo Megabus!

  12. Krista says:

    Your trip looks just amazing! I can’t wait to meet little S one day – too bad US and Canada didn’t have those silly passport laws…

  13. sue says:

    i enjoyed reading your take on the weekend, just as much as the other ladies! looks and sounds like a blast! i’m so glad it all worked out for you guys to meet.

    and – if you are ever in our neck of the woods, be sure to let us know! i would love to try Ethiopian food with you guys!

  14. Jodi says:

    Great pics Kelly! I love love love NYC…love it!

    And guess who is coming to Baltimore in August? Me!!! πŸ˜‰

  15. Catherine says:

    Yaaay! What a fun trip! I love NYC. I’m assuming foursquare is that thing they do on FB where they “check in” everywhere? That cracks me up. Being from a small town, the thought of people knowing where I am having lunch does not appeal to me! But since I’m nosey, I enjoy seeing where everyone else is!

    Same for me – if you’re ever in my part of the country, please let me know!

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