spring clean-up

We had a lovely, sunny, warm weekend here in Baltimore. The last of the snow has finally melted, and Craig and I took some time to do some outdoor clean-up. He took care of the zillions of tree branches that had fallen, and I picked up an incredible amount of dog poop. (Gee, who drew the short straw?) It was warm enough that Craig was out in shorts and a sweatshirt, and I was fine in jeans and a long-sleeved tee. Loved it.

While we were out, I took a chance to survey our plants to see what kind of damage the snow caused. Keep in mind that we received 45″ of snow in a six-day period of time. A lot of people have had significant damage to trees – especially evergreens – and we have also seen gutters hanging from people’s houses. We seemed to fare pretty well, but I am sad about some plants that we’ll likely have to replace. I’m going to keep an eye on a few of them for a while and see how they respond when spring really arrives. Maybe they’ll perk up and recover a bit.

These boxwoods, though, are toast. They are two of a line of seven, and the others are still nice and green. You can see how they got crushed by the snow.

The nandina next to our driveway are usually about twice as tall as this. They are so delicate and fragile; the snow was really too much.

This photo doesn’t look like much, but it shows a lilac full of broken branches.

The viburnums are sort of funky-looking, since the middle parts stayed upright while the outer branches were flattened.

And the ornamental grasses are just totally squashed. This is the time of year I’d usually cut them back, anyway.

I did see a few daffodils starting to work their way out, so that was encouraging!

While we were out, the dogs did a bit of “playing.” The quotation marks are totally necessary, as you’ll see here. This “play” generally consists of Macy running around like a mad dog and Rocky standing still and howling at her.

After we completed our yardwork, I took the dogs out for a good walk. We saw lots of piles of snow like this one, which was about four feet tall. It seems like these piles may be around until May!

And we also got a sign of spring’s first blooms, these crocuses. I always love these!

I imagine we’re not firmly set in spring yet, but it feels great to know that it’s really on its way.

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9 Responses to spring clean-up

  1. I’ll happily take even a teaser for spring at this point. πŸ™‚ WINTER GO AWAY!

  2. Jenny says:

    your poor plants! i hope some of them make miraculous recoveries!!! i LOVE seeing crocuses and daffodils!!! your doggies are definitely happy to be outside playing again!!!

  3. Christine says:

    Oh, poor plants! We haven’t had nearly as much snow, but we lost some plants as well… so sad.

    I’m jealous your bulbs are springing! No sign of ours yet…

    And the video is *hysterical*!!! I love the comment of “I can’t keep up” – I wonder if that is how Rocky feels as well?!

    Silly dogs!

  4. leah says:

    I can’t believe almost all of that 45 inches is melted! Here in MN, we didn’t get hardly that much, bit it’s still everywhere. Yuck!

    It looks like you guys had a great and productive weekend. Don’t you just love the spring? πŸ˜€

  5. E says:

    The dogs looked like they were having a ball! I love those first signs of spring! Sorry about your plants…I’m sure many of ours didn’t fare so well either.

  6. Sarah says:

    Wow, some lasting damage from that snow. I am amazed at those piles of snow! But it is encouraging to see some flowers come out. You guys had a rough winter and are so deserving of some spring!

  7. Meg says:

    We had a beautiful weekend here in Chicago too; I am definitely ready for spring! Your dogs are hilarious! It must be nice that they wear eachother out… =)

  8. sue says:

    oh the dog poop! we had that here too! your poor plants! that just stinks. i hope some of them at least recover!

  9. CatherineD says:

    This has been such a crazy winter, weather-wise. Az got an unusual amount of rain. It will be interesting to see what Spring brings. I love the cherry blossoms in your part of the country.

    That video of your dogs is too cute!

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