During my major procrastination efforts the other day, I got caught up on filing away some of our recent adoption paperwork. I also worked on paying bills, and a thought came to mind. I hadn’t recently tallied up our adoption expenses, and I was curious to see where we stood. We use software to track our money/accounts, and I had been tagging each expense along the way, so it was easy for me to just press a button and have the total come up.

After letting out a bit of a gasp (from seeing the grand total – it was higher than I had expected), I was a bit surprised to realize that we’re actually halfway through our adoption expenses. I double-checked the amounts we’ll owe at referral, and, if we exclude travel costs (airfare will be huge), we really are halfway there. I guess that’s a good thing, although it’s sort of crazy to look at all of the money we’ve spent. Adoption is simply an expensive endeavor. There’s no way to get around that!

I’m not going to talk dollar amounts here, because I really don’t want to focus on money here on the blog, but if anyone is interested in having a conversation about the cost of adoption and wants to know more about our expenses, I would be happy to talk with you individually. The bottom line is that adoption involves a tremendous amount of services – home studies, education, inspections, government processing, court costs, care for the child (food, clothing, shelter, medical care), and so on. It just adds up.

I guess this is one time where it’s good that we have a long wait ahead of us, because our bank account will have some time to recover before the other half is due. Unlike this first half, which was paid out in bits and pieces over the past 8 months or so, the last part will be due all at once, when we accept our referral.

We’re not complaining, although it does get a little overwhelming at times, wondering where that money is going to come from. But we already know, of course, that every single penny will be so worth it in the end.

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12 Responses to expenses

  1. Jenny says:

    that’s exciting that you’re halfway there! that last chunk can be a doozie but that means you’ll have your little one very soon after that!

  2. It can be so disheartening to think about the expense of adoption because it is often prohibitively pricey for many who are wanting to adopt or who wish to adopt again. You’re right about the wait helping to space apart the $$ due dates, but even so, it’s a rough row to hoe sometimes.

  3. Evelyn says:

    After the big fees at the time of referral, I realized that what was left by the time everything is really done was still huge! I underestimated our costs after referral by about $2000. I hope you have all the info you need so you are not surprised. Worth it, of course, but the $$ can be stressful!

  4. Christine says:

    Oh man, I so feel your pain on this one. BUT… congrats on being halfway there! And, the one piece of advice I have is to take what you think you will need for travel and try to put aside triple that. Travel expenses killed us. (But I also misbehaved in the shopping department)

    • Kelly says:

      That’s a great idea, Christine. Our room and board will be covered in our agency fees, but we will probably be adding on a few days of travel and of course there will be incidental costs, especially if we are lucky enough to get to visit the birth family. And shopping, indeed! The airfare will be a huge expense, that’s for sure.

  5. sue says:

    we always say that the check we wrote to accept our referral was the largest check we have ever written and the easiest :).

    it’s so hard, but you are right, so worth it! we are still digging ourselves out, slowly but surely! the federal adoption tax credit will help. we cannot wait for that!

    • Kelly says:

      I’m going to post about the tax credit today! I certainly hope it gets extended. That will be a huge assistance, but of course we still have to lay out the money ahead of time.

  6. sarah says:

    That’s great you’re halfway there on paying down costs! If you can get through this without going in to debt, I think you’re in good shape.

    I don’t like to talk about adoption costs either, and it seems some people are not shy about asking. Why IS that?

  7. Shawn says:

    Adoption is so expensive; but so worth it! One of the good things about waiting is that you will definitely have enough time to gather more money for your process. The referral check is a big one. I held on to ours for a few days, but you will have no problem mailing it in when you see your child’s face!

  8. Angela says:

    Thanks for posting this. Our challenge has been having children in college, but over time I learned stopped focusing on the challenge, but focused on faith.

    God is tearing down one segment of the mountain at a time. He’s amazing.

  9. klarobinson215 says:

    It does cost so much. For us we had the extra issue that some of our fees were in US dollars, and when we had to pay them, the Canadian dollar was really low – so we had to pay a lot more than expected. And our referral came really quickly – so we didn’t have as much time to save up. Thank goodness for lines of credit.

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