the fine art of procrastination

Sometimes I feel like I am truly the Queen of Procrastination. I have a deadline for work on Tuesday – a court document that must be filed by the end of the day. Mind you, I’ve known about this deadline for weeks. I’ve had the information I need to prepare the document for weeks. I’ve been thinking about at least starting to work on it for weeks. All of last week I thought to myself, I have got to get working on that document this week. Yet did I work on it? No. Granted, I had plenty of other things to work on. But all week I kept thinking about how I needed a few days to work on this document that needs to be filed on Tuesday.

Our office was actually closed on Friday for Election Day. (No, we didn’t even have an election in Maryland this year, and if we had, Election Day would have been on Tuesday. So this holiday made no sense to me. But I don’t argue when my boss wants to give us a day off.) My plan, as of Thursday, was to work a regular day on Friday and get in 8 hours or so on my document. I thought this would be good because I wouldn’t have to deal with other people in the office or phone calls or emails. But then I didn’t get there until close to noon and by 2:00 I had decided I wanted to take the day off, gosh darn it. So I brought my work home with me and told myself I had to work all day on Sunday. ALL DAY. Like 9 to 5.

And here we are, Sunday. So far today I have watered the house plants, folded laundry, had some breakfast, gathered together clothing and shoes to donate to charity, worked on a couple of things for the animal shelter, downloaded bank transactions, paid bills, filed away our latest adoption papers in our gigantic adoption binder, and took on a few other things that clearly do not equal working on my court document.

I also had to clean my desk off, because in order to work from home at my desk, I needed to FIND my desk under the piles of bills, papers, receipts, yarn, and purse innards I dumped out the other day.

12:30pm rolled around, and gosh, it felt like time for a caffeine break. And I figured that while I was enjoying my drink I should really blog about my procrastination. Because blogging and procrastination definitely go hand-in-hand. (This is SO true.)

I have already planned on a mid-afternoon break of working on leaves and trimming some plants in the front yard, because it’s a beautiful, warm, sunny November day. Besides, our neighbors have all taken care of their leaves and we haven’t, so really, we have to get on it.

The dogs will certainly deserve a nice long walk this afternoon. If I make it extra-long and fast, I can even count it as some exercise for me.

I really should do some laundry.

Later today I have to drop off Macy for Beagle Boot Camp (it’s not really called that, but she’s going to stay with my friend, a certified dog trainer, for the week to get some obedience training under her belt). So she deserves a lot of snuggles this afternoon, don’t you think?

I’m totally behind on Gossip Girl. And tonight is the season finale of Mad Men. And I’ve been making some nice progress on my latest knitting project, so I don’t want to lose momentum.

Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll be lucky to get in a couple of hours of work today. I can already almost guarantee that I will be in an all-out panic tomorrow because I barely accomplished anything over the weekend. But I guess I know somewhere deep down that it will be okay, and that I will survive, and that the document will get done somehow and it will be fine.

And with that, I’m thinking I should find me some lunch.

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11 Responses to the fine art of procrastination

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow, sounds like me! I do much the same when it comes to “work stuff” or anything that I’m not to excited about dealing with…I’m sure you’ll find the time tomorrow – since that will be your last chance to meet that deadline Tuesday! GOOD LUCK.

  2. Kelly Cole says:

    OMG, this post is hilarious. I was laughing my butt off because it also sounds JUST.LIKE.ME. Except I doubt my procrastinations are ever that productive. I think the reason I am this way is because – as you say – it will all work out in the end. This is my problem, it always does. Plus I need pressure to do work, especially court filings.

    Btw, we need to stop having so many things in common! It’s freaking me out! Did you see my comment on Life in Hammer House after yours? I too had a pink bunny as my “security blanket” and I had it for waaaaay too long 🙂

  3. E says:

    LOL I can totally relate! I’m catching up on my blogs and I still have to go to the grocery store. And make dinner. And throw a load of laundry in the washer. And unload the dishwasher. Oh yeah, and I have episodes of the Office and 30 Rock on my DVR. It’s 6:45 in the evening. I wonder if any of those things will get done:) It sounds like you were still productive, even if it wasn’t what you intended.

  4. Janet says:

    OK, here is my suggestion to continue the procrastination streak you have going thus far: POST ABOUT YOUR KNITTING PROJECT. We want to hear about it and SEE PHOTOS! There…that should help. That being said, I’m going to ignore my “to do” list a bit longer and watch some shows on Netflix. Ahhh, Queen Procrastination…you’ve got some serious competition in these ranks!

  5. Jodi says:

    You crack me up! I love your reasoning on things. You remind me of someone…oh yeah, it’s me!!! Haha!

  6. Robin says:

    Lol! I feel like I am reading my own stream of conciousness… I am the same way about doing school work, grading papers, or just doing unwanted chores around the house.

    If you’re like me though you work better under pressure. And the document you’ll need to do will be kick a$$ when you are done with it and you won’t even regret procrastinating when it’s done.

    🙂 (and yes, blogging does = procrastination) hehe

  7. Leah says:

    I know all about procrastination. I am very good at it. 😀

  8. Evelyn says:

    Just fyi, I am THE WORST procrastinator I know. Hope all gets done without causing you too much stress!

  9. Christine says:

    OK – this totally sounds like I could have written it… I’m so glad it’s not. just. me. I can even procrastinate on my productive procrastinating. This is hysterical…

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