Friday was my birthday. It was not a good day. I was still feeling really down, it was our due date, we didn’t get our home study like we’d been promised, I got really angry about a situation I tried to mediate, I didn’t hear from some family and friends I always hear from on my birthday, and at my birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, I realized I had a stomach/intestinal thing going on. Let’s just say that it was a LONG 15-minute walk home from the restaurant – and I needed to get home. (I felt a little iffy on the way there, but I honestly thought it was because I was hungry. All I could handle was about 5 bites of my food and 3 sips of my wine. Craig shoveled his food in and we bolted before I could even get my birthday cake.) It stunk.

I’m realizing, however, that a blog called Uninterrupted Prosperity should not all be about how bad my life is. And I know it’s not good for my mental health to only focus on the negatives (even when I feel like they’re weighing me down). I need to get back to thinking about what’s good in my life.

So, the positive notes on my birthday were lovely flowers from Craig and lunch and a pedicure with a good friend. I’m definitely glad for those things.

Today was a pretty good day, and included the following positive things:
* My first exercise since I hurt my back three weeks ago (I had doctor’s orders to limit my activity after my muscle tear) – I took a fast walk with Macy. My back is now pretty sore. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow. I need to get those natural endorphins flowing again.
* Bargain shopping – For just over $200, I managed to get two pairs of shoes, two sweaters, two camisoles, and three other tops. Yay for sales, coupons, and birthday discounts.
* Quinoa-stuffed bell peppers for dinner. Yum.
* Homemade ginger snaps to put in my cute pumpkin-shaped cookie jar.
* New spiced pumpkin candles – my favorite scent, regardless of the time of year, but most appropriate for fall.
* The scale showing that I’ve lost 9 pounds. I’m not quite sure this is right, but, I’ll take it.

There, just thinking through those things gives me a little boost!

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12 Responses to positivity

  1. Zoe says:

    Sorry your birthday was not a happier day. It does sound like there was silver lining in the cloud and there's lots of positive to celebrate. Here's hoping this week brings more positive stuff your way!

  2. Elizabeth Frick says:

    😦 I'm sorry about your bday. But the positive things sound pretty great. WAHOO for the 9 pounds!!! Hope your week is much better.

  3. Kelly says:

    Happy belated birthday Kelly! Sorry it was not the best one. But 9 pounds? That's awesome! πŸ™‚

  4. Robin says:

    It's so exciting that fall is coming. I love pumpkin spice also!

    I'm sorry you're birthday wasn't the best, but way to go trying to find the bright side! We've had a stomach bug in my house, too. Not fun 😦


  5. Matt and Jenny says:

    i'm sorry your birthday wasn't the greatest you've had 😦 i'm glad you could find some good things about it!!! way to go on the 9 pounds!!! woohoo!!!

  6. MK says:

    Happy belated birthday Kelly! I'm sorry it wasn't more fun but I'm impressed you are able to look on the bright side…I can here some hope and excitement in your voice…also, if you would please share that quinoa stuffed peppers recipe, I would be grateful!

  7. The Richards says:

    Happy Belated Birthday and Congrats on the weight loss!

  8. E says:

    Happy belated birthday! Sorry it wasn't a good day for you. I had a similar gastrointestinal issue during a birthday dinner out at a fancy-schmancy restaurant one year. I can totally relate and it sucks!

    Good to hear that today was a better day! I'm impressed with the bargain shopping ( and the weight loss)….I need to do that myself (both actually), but haven't been in the mood to go clothes shopping. Maybe I will this weekend. You've inspired me.

    I love pumpkin too in the fall!

  9. Janet says:

    Happy Birthday! I'm hoping this week will be better for you. Sometimes I think it is good to write down (or type) the positives in our life, like you did…helps us see them more clearly, especially when we are down. I do the same thing. The blog certainly helps me vent & observe the positives. πŸ™‚

  10. Christine says:

    [Trying to catch up on my blog backlog here]

    Sorry the birthday wasn't better… I so know that feeling. (HUGS)

    But, fabulous list of positives!! WHOO HOO!!
    (Homemade ginger snaps?!)

  11. Krista says:

    Great list of good things – especially the spiced candles… my favourite smell.

  12. CatherineD says:

    Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry that it wasn't a great day. I, too, am catching up on my blog backlog – and I'm reading things in order, so I'm looking forward to reading about happier days for you.I like your list of positives. Your $200 bargain shopping day sounds fabulous! And, the thought of quinoa-stuffed bell peppers is making my mouth water!

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