apostrophe abuse

I saw a great example of apostrophe abuse this morning, and I just had to share it here.

This is a HORRIBLE photo (it was taken by the camera on my cell phone, through my windshield, while both my car and the subject car were traveling 45mph, and it was the best I could do while still maintaining some level of safety):

I know you can’t read the sign, but I just wanted to show the photo for context. It is a car pulling a little hot dog vendor cart. And the sign on the cart says:

Franks Frank’s

I wish I’d been able to get a good photo to send to Apostrophe Abuse!

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10 Responses to apostrophe abuse

  1. Sam's Mom says:

    Uggggghh! That, and intentionally misspelled words for store titles are at the top of my pet peeve list! (ie: Kwik Mart, or my new personal fav, seen on a billboard while driving to Michigan this weekend: 'PollKatz Gentlemans Club')

  2. Emily says:

    Oh that cracks me up!

  3. Alan says:

    That's a great blog I'd never heard of before. Thanks!

  4. Christine says:

    Hysterical! And not. All at the same time.

  5. CatherineD says:

    That is such a funny blog!

  6. Angela says:

    Poor Guy! lol.

  7. Kelly says:

    OMG! Kelly, you just made my day! I almost fell off my chair laughing when I scrolled down to Franks Frank's. Are you KIDDING me? This clearly falls under #1 of my honest scrap list. What is WRONG with people??? It's totally cool if you're not good at spelling or grammar, but here's an idea: if you're going to put something on a sign for the public to see, why not check with someone who IS good at spelling and grammar just to make sure. Ya know? Oy vey.

  8. Elizabeth Frick says:

    Wow. That is an atrocity. I want to know who's at the sign factory giving an OK on something like that. Seriously, people.

  9. E says:

    LOL….wow is all I can say.

  10. E says:

    That would have bugged me to actually see that! I want to call Frank and let him know about his apostrophe misuse and abuse!

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