a bad mood

I’m in such a bad mood, and for once, it has very little to do with the paperwork!

My back is still really bothering me. It is definitely better, but I have a long way to go to get back to normal. My acupuncturist thinks I slipped a bulging disc, which is causing muscle spasms. When I described my symptoms and the incident to her, along with my history of my back getting very sore and tired in that location when weeding or doing other activities that involve a lot of bending or twisting, that was her immediate reaction. While she is not a doctor, I appreciate her take on the issue since 60% of her patients come to see her for back pain.

She gave me a treatment yesterday and I think that helped a bit. She said mostly I have to wait it out. She suggested I get a neuromuscular massage tomorrow and I’ll go back for another acupuncture treatment on Monday. It’s amazing how just having a sore back can put one in a bad mood, though.

To top it all off, we have a little bit of water in our basement again. And yes, it’s only been one week since our new carpet was installed. ARGH! It’s a small amount of water, and only in a corner, but couldn’t this have happened in the four months where we had no carpet at all in that location? Seriously. Our contractor came over last night and cut a hole in the drywall in the closet where our sump pump is housed and determined that the walls and insulation are not wet (which is good news) – it’s just the floor. So, we think the french drain is clogged and some of the water it collects simply can’t get through to the sump pump. We are going to rent one of those drain snake things this weekend and hopefully unclog it. (Craig will be doing this – there’s no way I can even help with a project like this right now.) We had an exterior pipe snaked this spring and the plumber pulled out tons of tree roots, and we can also see some small roots in our sump pump well, so that might just be the case here, too. Whatever the case, it’s a pain in the butt and I’m not very happy about it!

I don’t think the new carpet will be damaged by this amount of water (at least if we can stop more water from coming in) but of course we have to worry about mold. We pulled back the carpet and padding where it is wet, and Craig is going to pick up a shop vac and a couple of fans on his way home tonight so we can work on drying out what we can.

Most of my bad mood could be abated if Craig’s health form is done today and our police forms arrive in the mail. Keep your fingers crossed.

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14 Responses to a bad mood

  1. Krista says:

    Ouch – I hope your back feels better – it really affects everything you do.
    An the water in the basement sucks! Especially with new carpet – grr….

  2. Zoe says:

    C'mon forms in the mail! Sorry it's a grumpy day.

  3. Christine says:

    Oh, I would be in a bad mood too! Ugh. Annoyances you just don't need – right!? Feel better!!

  4. Angela says:

    Wow, the back sounds painful. I've suffered from synovial inflammation in my sacral region for years. Back pain is nawing and consistent…it will make you tired and ill feeling.

    I finally gave up my regimented gardening. Hubby does the best that he can, but our yard will never reach my level of expertise. The fun is in the dirt and sweat of it all.

    I hope can see a doc. You don't want to agitate it too much. Ouch.

  5. Elizabeth Frick says:

    I'm so sorry.

  6. margaret says:

    This is the family disease-we seem to have not passed along good things! Well-most of the good and too much of the bad. There is a great book for all of you-called "treat your own back." It has been my Bible for years!


  7. MK says:

    Yeah, I think you have a right to be in bad mood..I'm sending you good thoughts from NC…

  8. Alan says:

    So frustrating! But it looks like you've identified some solutions, which is a great thing. Chin up…

  9. Kelly says:

    Are you kidding? Bad back + leaky basement take two? That sucks big time. I'm so sorry Kelly. Sending you positive vibes through the intertubes. In the meantime, hope the acupuncture kicks in soon (I've found sometimes it takes a few visits) and of course ibuprofen … Hopefully that paperwork arrives today!!!

  10. E says:

    I suffer from neck pain and I know that puts me in a cranky mood.

    That sucks about your new carpet getting wet. I am glad you caught it before it got too soaked.

  11. Robin says:

    Hope your mood gets better… Have you tried a Chiropractor? Mine really helped neck pain that I've had.

  12. Erica says:

    I just got caught up on your excitement that I have missed. I hope that your back is feeling better. Hopefully your little water hazard will be gone before you know it. I know it's frustrating, though. Hang in there…


  13. Bethany says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! So excited for you and your journey ahead 🙂

  14. CatherineD says:

    I'm sorry about your bad mood. Hope your back is feeling better today and the carpet is drying out.

    I've been meaning to tell you (in regard to the title of your blog) that I LOVE Cake, too! Their style is so completely different than anything I've ever heard. Maybe have a glass of wine and put on some Cake… just to get your mind off things.

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