more progress (hopefully)

Earlier this afternoon I got an IM from Craig saying that he received his employment verification letter at work today. (This is the letter that verifies the company he works for, the length of time he’s been employed there, and his salary. We got one of these in the spring for our home study, but we needed a new letter for the dossier, and it had to be signed by a corporate officer and notarized.)

Here is the transcript from our chat:
Craig: got my employment letter and it’s been signed by an HR officer and notarized
Me: cool
an HR officer or a corporate officer?
whatever it is, let’s hope it suffices
i imagine it will – i mean, are they going to go search for the officers of each and every corporation they get letters from?
Craig: yeah really
it has the person’s title & signature and a contact number
Me: what is the title, just curious?
Craig: HR Records Associate IV
Me: oh
yeah, not exactly a corporate officer

I mean, could they come up with a more lowly person to sign this document? HR Records Associate IV? (No offense to the HR Records Associate IVs out there, but your title doesn’t make you sound very high up on the totem pole.) Maybe the attorney in me is over-thinking the definition of “corporate officer,” but I was imagining an actual corporate officer, or perhaps a department head. Someone with some authority. Granted, Craig works for a 5000-employee company (based in another state) and it wouldn’t exactly be easy to obtain the president’s signature (notarized, no less), but when he gave the word-for-word instructions for what we needed, his HR contact said that while she had never had this type of request before, she would find a way to make it work.

I’m going to scan the letter tomorrow and email it to our dossier contact with WHFC to see what she thinks. I hope she says it’s okay.

In other news, I called the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services today to inquire about the status of our gold seal letters (which will state that we don’t have criminal records). When I gave my information to the woman on the phone, her exact response upon pulling up my record was, “Oh, why hasn’t this been sent yet?” Yeah, my thoughts exactly, lady! She said she could see that the background check had been done three weeks ago but the letter hadn’t been issued. Thankfully, she said both of our letters will go out in the mail tomorrow. So, we should have those soon.

It’s amazing to me how complicated some of these steps can be, when they should be fairly straightforward.

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6 Responses to more progress (hopefully)

  1. kelly says:

    Um, yeah, it really is unbelievable how amazingly complicated these seemingly uncomplicated things are! And oh so annoying too. I hope the HR Records Associate IV suffices. Btw, hilarious title (again, no offense intended to anyone who is a HRRAIV of course).

    So, interestingly enough, it turns out that working for a *very* large company is often helpful in this type of situation. Jon works for Microsoft and when he went to get this very same letter for our process, they referred him to Microsoft's adoption department where there is actually a notary whose sole job is to draft these letters verifying employment, title, salary, etc. for adoption purposes. Can you believe they employ someone for this VERY (narrow) purpose? Pretty cool (for us) actually.

  2. Christine says:

    Oh man, I remember those annoyances like they were yesterday. I don't know if I told you… and I don't know if this will make you feel any better… but when it came time for us to provide those letters, hubby was working for a company that was five months old and I worked for myself. Now that was interesting.

  3. CatherineD says:

    Oh geez! Well, if it makes you feel any better – Brian's employment verification form was filled out and signed by an HR 'coordinator'. It was very sloppily handwritten, barely legible and grammatically incorrect. And it went through! Phew!

    Good for you for keeping everyone on task! And, it is great that you seem to be so organized.

  4. Angela says:

    LOL! I was thinking the same when I read HR Associate IV.

    Hopefully it will suffice. It's still officially signed and notorized. I'm sure the big guys and girls are in meetings all day.

    P.S. WHFC sure does require a lot of notorization.

  5. Elizabeth Frick says:

    Jeez Louise. What a bunch of slackers! (not you). It's such a shame that you have to ride people to get the simplest things done.

  6. Missy says:

    Bet your letter will be fine! Since my husband is in the military, he was lucky to be able to even get a secretary to sign it. No way were any of the big bosses going to take the time to do it!! It was fine for our dossier…

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