format change

I started playing around with the format of the blog yesterday (another dull day at work!), and I’m liking this new style so far. I was tired of the same old format I’d had in place for two+ years. These colors are pretty soothing. We’ll see if the new format sticks with me for a while…

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5 Responses to format change

  1. kelly says:

    I love the good vibes this new blog look gives off. It's very mellow and green is my favorite color – especially the sage and wasabi variety. 🙂

  2. Zoe says:

    I like it! Sometimes it's nice to mix things up a bit for something fresh…

  3. Michelle says:

    I like it! Not far off from mine I think. Easy on the eyes.

  4. Angela says:

    It's relaxing Kelly. I like it.

  5. Christine says:

    Nice!! Very calming…

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