On a lazy evening earlier this summer, while flipping through the TV channels, I stumbled across the very first episode of “Sex and the City” on TBS. I’ve seen the whole series in the original form (meaning: not the watered down, safer-for-TV version on TBS) and I enjoyed it, but that was years ago. Since there is little on TV over the summer, I set my DVR to record it – and I’ve had so much fun watching it again. TBS plays two episodes a day, six days a week. I can sit down and easily watch three or four 22-minute episodes in a sitting, and it has been fun to relive the adventures of the 30-something single women in New York City. It’s also fun to see that many of their men (and there were many), who were probably fairly unknown actors at the time, have become actors that I now recognize from other shows. But I digress…

[SPOILER ALERT – in case you haven’t watched and might want to!] In the past couple of weeks, I’ve gotten to the point in the series where Charlotte learns that she is, as she would say, “reproductively challenged.” In true dramatic television fashion, she gets her grim infertility diagnosis in the same episode where Miranda learns that she is very accidentally pregnant. I didn’t have even a notion of our impending fertility challenges when I first watched years ago, so it’s really interesting to watch these particular storylines again. Someone on the writing staff must have had some insight to the difficulties of infertility, because some of the interactions were pretty real to me. I’ve been Charlotte learning about Miranda’s unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, on more than one occasion. I’ve also been the dutiful friend throwing a baby shower when I was dying for someone to throw a baby shower for me (but, interestingly enough, they don’t throw you a shower unless you actually have a baby coming). Of course, I also think the show skimmed the surface at times, but I take it with a grain of salt since it’s supposed to be about the entertaining lives of single women and not about depressing things like infertility.

Anyway, it’s just been really interesting to watch this made-up storyline with a totally different perspective. Of course I know in the end that Charlotte and her new husband adopt a daughter from China (and I certainly don’t remember any discussion of home studies, fingerprints, government forms, and so on, so I’ll be sure to roll my eyes at this instant adoption when that episode shows up in my DVR!) and then in the movie she ends up miraculously pregnant (because, you know, that’s what happens when you adopt – you get pregnant).

I have noticed that some other TV shows have gotten more into infertility, miscarriage, and adoption lately. “Brothers and Sisters” comes to mind. I thought they did a fairly good job with that one – probably as much as a scripted drama can do without losing viewers.

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5 Responses to satc

  1. kelly says:

    Ah, SATC reruns. Love them. I remember the episode where Charlotte went to get acupuncture for her infertility and she ended up running out of the room with all the needles in her! Do you remember that?

  2. Kelly says:

    I do remember that, Kelly, but I think that was a part that got cut in the TBS version, unless that happens later with Harry (I'm just post-Trey now). I can't quite remember when it was. I would like to see it again as I have taken up acupuncture and I love it!

  3. Christine says:

    I love SATC… I remember Charlotte getting the referral in the mail as well and going "it's our daughter" (even though who blindly gets a referral in the mail?!)

    There's also an adoption theme on Mad Men, the [new] 90210, and House M.D. has addressed it as well in case you are looking to add other shows to your line-up! 😉 I feel like there's a few more I'm forgetting though…

  4. Kelly says:

    Oh, yeah, the Mad Men story was really interesting. I'm curious to see how they continue that one in the next season!

  5. Krista says:

    You are right – infertility and adoption have been on TV a lot recently. I remember last fall I made a pretty good list on my blog – House is one that comes to mind right now. I'm glad it is in the media more – but if only they were more realistic with the whole adoption process.

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