I had a nice lunch on Friday with Zoe of Chasing Saints. She and her husband also live in Baltimore, and they’re pursuing the adoption of a sibling pair from Ethiopia. While we are using different agencies, we are at the same point in the journey (that is, the pre-home study paperwork phase). We exchanged a few emails and decided to meet, and we enjoyed sharing stories of paperwork and home projects. We both agree that it is important to build a community – for us now but absolutely for our children later – and hopefully we can continue to share stories and information as we proceed with our adoptions. We’re hoping to get together again in a few weeks to enjoy some delicious Ethiopian food and to bring our husbands into the mix.

I continue to be amazed at the connections I’ve made through this blog. I’m so grateful for them. In addition to friends and family, I have a couple dozen other regular readers, most of whom have a personal story related to adoption and/or infertility/balanced translocation. I always appreciate the feedback from blog followers, whether through comments or emails. It’s so nice to feel like part of a community, even with people I’ve never met (and likely will never meet) in real life.

Also, I continue to be thankful, for many reasons, for our timely re-connection with our friends from college who recently returned home from Ethiopia with their beautiful daughter. It sounds like they are all adjusting well to their new life together, and I’ve been really touched to hear about their trip, particularly the accounts of meeting their daughter for the first time and meeting her birth mother. What an amazing experience.

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3 Responses to community

  1. chasingsaints says:

    Yes, it's so cool to meet blog friends in real life and put real faces and to words and pictures!

    Meeting others who are building a family through international adoption is so comforting and helpful.

    Thank you, Kelly, for all the helpful input about preparing for home inspections!

  2. Michelle says:

    Awesome that you have found an AP friend. We are just north of Philly so let me know if you are ever up this way!

  3. Christine says:

    I love my little online community as well! I can't even imagine going on this journey without everyone!

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