tell me about yourself

We are almost done with our paperwork. Aside from making sure a couple of letters from others make their way to the agency, and getting copies of our medical labwork (I should be getting mine today, and Craig should get his next week), all we have left to do is the autobiographies.

Here’s what the agency gave us as guidelines for the autobiographies:
“The purpose of the autobiography is to help us get to know you as an individual, as a couple (if you are married), as a member of your extended family, and as a member of the greater community. It will provide us with necessary information that will be used as a basis for our interviews.

Your autobiography should include information on what it was like growing up in your home. We ask that you draw on experiences throughout the various stages of your life from childhood to adulthood. These might include significant people and events that have had an impact on you. We are interested in knowing about some of the difficulties you have coped with as well as some of the positive highlights in your life. Please include a discussion of your religious affiliation(s), career(s), and other facets of your life that are important to you.

If married, a discussion of your marriage might include the strengths and weaknesses you each bring to the relationship and how your relationship has evolved over the years. We are interested in experiences that have helped you formulate some ideas about parenting, and any ideas that you have formulated about being an adoptive parent.

Your autobiography is for our purposes only and will not be given to birth parents. We suggest that your autobiography be about 5-8 pages, double-spaced.”

Our goal is to finish the autobiographies this weekend. I’m thinking that we can pretty much include whatever we want, and that there’s not going to be a right or a wrong answer as to what we send to the agency. Our social worker will use these as a basis for the four meetings we will have as part of the home study.

It will feel good to be done with this step. Of course, we know there will be more work headed our way after our home study is complete, namely the I-600A (the U.S. government’s approval for us to adopt a child internationally) and then the dossier to be sent to Ethiopia, but this is the first hurdle to overcome.

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4 Responses to tell me about yourself

  1. Meg DeZutti says:

    I was amazed at how much stuff from our autobiographies and interviews was packed into our 15 page homestudy. Seriously. Have fun writing it!

  2. Paul and DeeDee says:

    I really think that the I600 and the dossier will be a piece of cake compared to everything you have had to do up to this point! You should be on a waitlist soon!

  3. Elizabeth Frick says:

    Ugh, the dreaded autobiographies. You will feel so good to have that part behind you!

  4. Christine says:

    I second Elizabeth! Having those autobiographies behind us felt soooo good!

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