DIY hubby

The inspector from the Health Department was just here, and he approved our health/housing inspection. Another item off the list – woohoo!

He barely glanced at the cement wall that he forced us to repair. Craig worked so hard to spackle the cracks and peeling areas with hydraulic cement. This was something he’d never done before so there was a big learning curve involved. The end result ain’t pretty (he would say that, too) but it’s done. I figure years down the road when we want to sell this house we’ll have to spruce it up a bit, but for now, it did the trick and we got through the inspection. We’re not going to bother painting the wall since we imagine more of these spots will present themselves over time (due to water/moisture) and we’ll just have to do it again. The wall is out of sight and therefore we just don’t care what it looks like. This photo shows just one section of the wall – there is more that you can’t see in this view.

The spots on the wall that appear to be wet are from the deck waterproofing Craig did last night. He’s been working hard, that hubby o’ mine. Craig will be the first to admit that he’s not much of a home improvement/DIY guy. He has often remarked that his #1 home improvement skill is his excellent ability to write a check to pay someone else to do the work. We got an estimate for the wall and it was $1400, and we just couldn’t justify that expense.

My first reaction when something goes wrong at the house is usually to call my dad, who is definitely Mr. Fix-It (but lives 600 miles away), and not my husband. But Craig really stepped up here and learned how to do what needed to be done. Yay for my DIY hubby!

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2 Responses to DIY hubby

  1. Christine says:

    Go hubby!! Must feel nice to not have that hanging over your head anymore…


  2. Chelsea says:

    Good work Craig!!!!

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