not much to report

Not much to report here. We had a busy weekend doing projects around the house, and my back is really tired as a result. I spent much of yesterday hauling stuff around the house in an effort to move our basement contents out of our living room. This meant emptying some space in the attic closet and also our guest room closet. Between those spaces and the closet under the stairs in the basement (which is unfinished and remained dry), and also loading up the car for a trip to Goodwill (there’s nothing like a wet basement to help you decide to unload a few things!), I found good places for most of it. Actually, in the end it will make for more organized storage overall. Some stuff remains in our dining area, but that will be fine. We figure it will be a few weeks before the work is complete and we can get everything back to normal.

Oh, and the shelving unit from the furnace room that holds our tools and things like light bulbs and extension cords found a new home. That new home may or may not be back in the furnace room… 🙂

Today I replaced some plants in the backyard that we lost over the winter. I also cleaned up the edges to a planting bed and spread the few bags of mulch we had stored in our shed over the winter. Next weekend we’ll get out big mulch delivery, and then my back will really be killing me. Last year it took us two solid days of work to mulch everything.

Craig finished the repairs to the cement wall, so I’ll call the Health Department inspector tomorrow. Hopefully he can come out this week and we’ll have one more item crossed off our list.

We completed the online seminar about medical issues that might arise in international adoption. I have to say, we both were a bit disappointed by this. It was essentially a glorified PowerPoint presentation. We learned a bit, although most of it was stuff that we have already come across in the reading and research we’ve done. Basically, we are now more fully aware of the multitude of health problems our future child may come home with – including hepatitis, scabies, malaria, giardia, and ringworm. It’s all a little overwhelming to think about, but of course almost everything is very treatable and we will be sure to work with a pediatrician who specializes in working with international adoptions.

We found out last week that for whatever reason, neither of our doctors ordered HIV tests for us when we had our physicals. Plus, my urinalysis wasn’t done either. Somewhere out there is a cup of pee with my name on it that someone decided to ignore! So, I went back to the doctor’s office on Wednesday. I just need to get a copy of the labwork. Craig has to get his blood drawn this week. Exciting stuff.

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One Response to not much to report

  1. Michelle says:

    Yes, the Adoption Learning Partners courses are a tad stupid if you ask me and my hubby. Common sense people!

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