I had quite a productive day today. After relaxing yesterday, it was time to get back to work – well, not work work, but work around the house.

I finally made a bunch of calls to schedule home projects. Some of these calls I’ve been meaning to make for weeks now, but I just never make the time. The plumber I called was able to come out today to work on clearing the pipe that our sump pump drains into – it was really clogged with tree roots and gunk from our gutters. (Then I called the gutter guys to come out and clean the gutters.)

Interestingly enough, the fire inspector dropped off the paperwork today noting that we passed the inspection. He still wants to see that we have moved the stuff around in the basement (and I did that today – so I just need to schedule a time for him to come back out; I do not want to get bad fire karma out of this process, that’s for sure). But it was nice that he went ahead with the paperwork; now I can send it along to the agency. See the nice expanses of space around the furnace and water heater? I am not going to share photos of what the rest of our basement now looks like.

Also, since we had a bit of a lull in the week of rain we’re having, I ran out to get plants for our pots on the front porch and on the back deck. This was the one thing I really wanted to accomplish during my few days off. I look forward to the annuals filling out a bit more and adding more color.

Now, with this stuff out of the way, I feel like I can go back to work and continue to focus on the adoption stuff. I have been feeling lately like everything else in life has been on hold, and that’s stressful to me. Yes, my garden beds are full of weeds, but I hope to tackle them (as much as my back will allow) this weekend while Craig hopefully fixes the stupid cement wall.

Oh, and our new passports arrived today – yay! We also got a packet of information from WHFC (placement agency) outlining the dossier requirements for Ethiopia. Just skimming over it makes me feel like I need a much longer vacation; I could feel the anxiety creeping back in so I decided not to read any more of it today. The dossier can’t be done until our home study is completed, so we have quite some time to think about that. It does seem like a never-ending project at times, and we’re still at the very beginning.

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3 Responses to productivity

  1. Erica says:

    Glad you can finally get the fire inspection off your list. What a hassle! I’m SO glad it wasn’t like that in our state. Sheesh! Your plants look great too! Want to come to my house? 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Frick says:

    Woo hoo! Go, accomplishing stuff! 🙂

  3. Zoe says:

    I know that anxious feeling as you contemplate yet MORE paperwork and requirements that never seem to end. Deep breathing and one step at a time is what I keep telling myself!

    With my father-in-law in town, we’ll be completing a few house projects this weekend ourselves.

    And yes, nice plants!

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