i am not a crook

I received documentation about my criminal background check in today’s mail. Good news – according to the state and the FBI, there’s nothing on my record. I could have told them that and saved us all some trouble. 🙂

Now, here’s hoping Craig’s comes back fine, too. I’m a bit worried that he’ll have to re-do the fingerprinting because his prints weren’t as clear as they could have been. We’ll see…

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3 Responses to i am not a crook

  1. robinsonsarewaiting says:

    Isn’t it funny how relieved you feel when that document comes back – even though you KNOW you have nothing to hide?

  2. Chelsea says:

    Good to know that there are no criminal skeletons in your closet!

  3. Emily says:

    Glad to know that you are crime free! Looking forward to reading all about your journey.

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