I’m having a really hard time getting into work today – it’s a beautiful, warm, and sunny spring day, and it’s a Monday. I’m just not feeling like working today! So, since I haven’t yet had a chance to blog about the pre-adoption group training we attended on Saturday, I figure this is a perfect way to procrastinate…

In sum, the training was fantastic! We learned a great deal, and one of the most helpful parts (to me, anyway) was simply being in a room full of people just like us. We often feel quite alone or isolated since we don’t know others (IRL) pursuing adoption. I will admit to getting a bit teary-eyed as I surveyed the room at the beginning of the training. There were 12 other couples, and I just kept thinking to myself, “They’re just like us!” It was a good feeling. I also then told myself to pull myself together. I cry easily and I was thinking that we were going to be talking about some emotionally-charged issues and I didn’t want to be the blubbering fool in the room. Thankfully, there were many times throughout the day where almost everyone in the room teared up, so it was okay that I was one of them.

The training covered a series of topics, ranging from addressing issues related to infertility and adoption, the fact that each adoption consists of a gain and a loss (meaning that the adoptive family is gaining a child but the birth family is losing a child), transracial adoptions, open adoptions, attachment, and so on. We had guest speakers from three very different perspectives. A birth mother described her decision to place her daughter with adoptive parents, a young adult adoptee described his life in an adoptive family, and an adoptive couple described their journey to their adopted son. There was ample discussion related to each topic, and it was really helpful to hear that others had similar thoughts, goals, emotions, and concerns to ours.

We have one more component to the pre-adoption training to complete. We need to take a two-hour online webinar about medical issues in international adoption. Hopefully we’ll do that next weekend.

I have my physical with my doctor this afternoon. I am bringing three different forms with me: one is a self-survey that I completed and am supposed to discuss with my doctor (and have her sign), one is from the home study agency and is a 6-page form the doctor is supposed to complete, and one is another form for the doctor to fill out but for the placement agency. I have a feeling it will be a very long appointment. But having that appointment is another great way to avoid actually working today!

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5 Responses to procrastination

  1. A and B says:

    Hi…Just came across your blog. What agency are you using? Just curious…we are in the beginning stages as well!

  2. Janet says:

    Hey Kelly~! Mom told me about your blog and I’ve read most of it. You guys are AMAZING!! I am so excited for you guys. Glad to hear Saturday went well. Good thing you’re so organized. Looks like a lot of work. Hang in there! Cousin J..

  3. Chelsea says:

    Sounds like you are making amazing progress! That seminar must have been really enlightening. This all seems like it is moving right along!! YAY!!

  4. Elizabeth Frick says:

    The seminar sounds really cool – wish we had had something like that! How great to have the different perspectives from people involved in adoption!
    Ugh, the physical… hope it went well! Those forms are total beasts! Way to check things off the list!!!

  5. Lisa says:

    Best of luck on your journey, Kelly. We started our journey 2.5 years ago, and we now have a wonderful son.

    Lisa from the BT board

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