taking a breather?

When I started to write this post, I was going to describe that I was taking a bit of a breather this weekend from the paperwork. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process, so as much as I did plan to do some work on it this weekend, I decided I just needed a break. So, instead of digging into the autobiography like I had planned, I worked on organizing the paperwork into a binder so I could feel like I was doing something. The folders of random papers were driving me nuts anyway, and now I’ve got it all organized.

I did try to pull together our documents for our financial statement today. I’m not quite sure how to substantiate our health insurance other than offering copies of our insurance cards, so I emailed the contact at the agency asking what exactly they want. It’s also hard for us to substantiate things like Craig’s life insurance, which is paid for by his employer (but we pay a small amount to increase the coverage). I guess it’s good to ask for these things now instead of in a time of crisis (which is when you otherwise would need to deal with life insurance).

We also filled out our passport renewal forms. I’ll mail those off tomorrow. Also, this week I received certified copies of my birth certificate and our marriage license. Craig still needs to get certified copies of his birth certificate.

Additionally, I completed the initial round of paperwork for the placement agency (Wide Horizons For Children). This included a brief application form and signatures on what seemed like a zillion documents.

This week we need to work on getting our proof of employment letters. I really dread this one, because it means I have to have what I consider to be a very personal conversation with my boss, since I have to ask her to write a letter that states my title, notes the length of time I’ve been employed, and confirms my annual salary. It makes me very uncomfortable, but I guess it’s what has to be done. At least Craig can just ask some unknown HR person to do that for him. He works for a company of 5000; my organization has a whopping 11 employees. My boss will be supportive, but it’s an awkward conversation to have to have.

Our other task for the week is doing our reading and homework for the all-day adoption seminar we’re attending next Saturday. I’m looking forward to the seminar. I think it will be a great opportunity to learn and also to meet other people going through the same process.

On a side note, I had an unexpected moment while rooting around in the filing cabinet looking for some of the financial documents (like proof of homeowners and auto insurance). I pulled out a file that was somewhat overflowing. The first thing that caught my eye was a photo of our ultrasound from our first pregnancy, which was sticking out of the top of the folder. It made me pretty sad…

In the end, while summarizing my weekend work on the adoption front, I realized I didn’t take much of a breather afterall. It’s funny that *only* doing this much still felt like I wasn’t doing enough.

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6 Responses to taking a breather?

  1. robinsonsarewaiting says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much paperwork there is? I have SO MUCH on a shelf in our office right now!
    Best of luck talking to your boss – I’m sure it won’t be as bad as you are imagining.

  2. Elizabeth Frick says:

    I know how daunting the whole process seems at the beginning. Just take it one step at a time, check things off the list to keep yourself motivated, and celebrate the little victories along the way. 🙂

  3. mkwewer says:

    Hey, thank you so much for your post to my blog. I’m excited for you in the adoption process…also, I’m an attorney too! You are right, it is nice to have someone to talk to about the BT. Thanks again…I’ll be following along…

  4. Christine says:

    Uh, I still have dreams where I forgot to put something in the paperwork packet… it’s totally replaced the dreams where you forgot to study for a test. Like Elizabeth said, it’s daunting but just keep chugging through. In a few weeks you will be calling the SW asking “Is there anything else I need to do?!” 😉

    And the conversation with the boss… that was hard for us as well. Neither one of us could go to unnamed people – for Doug it was the CEO (and his superior) and for me it was the accountant (I’m self-employed) While there was nothing but support from them, it was a strange conversation. Good Luck!

  5. Chelsea says:

    Sounds like a lot of work! Keep it up though- hopefully soon you will be bringing home a new little baby! Let me know if I can help!

  6. Erica says:

    I know I felt so much better once I got all the paperwork together in a binder. The paperwork can be overwhelming if you don’t have it all together.

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