making progress

We’ve made some progress with the paperwork. This week we’ll send off the first batch of paperwork to the home study agency, including our contracts/fee agreements, all of the policies that simply needed signatures, the clearance paperwork (completed and notarized) and fingerprints (Craig swears he’s getting his done tomorrow), the therapist release forms, vaccination records for the dogs, copies of birth and marriage certificates, and certified copies of our driving records. We have scheduled our doctor appointments (end of April/beginning of May) and signed up for our day of education/training (April 25th). I submitted our paperwork to the Health Department so hopefully that inspection can be scheduled soon. I called the Fire Marshal but haven’t heard back; I will call again tomorrow. Yesterday we purchased a second fire extinguisher and electrical outlet covers as required for the health/housing/fire inspections.

I’m working on pulling our financial information together. Next weekend we’ll start to tackle our autobiographies, finish the financial information, and submit our passport renewal applications (we got our photos yesterday). We also received the packet from the placement agency this week, so we’ll need to complete that application and submit the supporting information they requested, too.

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2 Responses to making progress

  1. Erica says:

    Wow! You got a lot accomplished! Doesn’t it feel good to start checking things off your list. 🙂Erica

  2. Christine says:

    Wow – you had way more to do than we did!! You are cruising though – that’s awesome!

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