Here is the list of items we must compile before our home study can begin:

– Personal narratives
– General medical forms completed by physician, including copies of laboratory results (urinalysis, cholesterol, TB and HIV testing)
– Self-reported medical forms signed by physician
– Release form for any therapist seen in the past five years
– Most recent federal income tax return
– Financial statement with supporting documents (bank statements, mortgage and other loan statements, investment statements, insurance policies, etc.)
– List of monthly expenses
– Marriage certificate
– Birth certificates
– Employment letters stating title, length of time employed, and salary
– Certified lifetime driving records
– Guardianship agreement (designated guardians (not determined yet) sign a document stating that they agree to be guardians)
– Photos of each applicant (I need to find out if the ones we already sent count)
– Corporal punishment statement (that we won’t use it)
– Statement on childhood immunizations (that we will get them)
– Maryland adoption subsidy sheet (even though we don’t qualify)
– Duty of candor statement
– Signed firearm policy
– Written plan of evacuation from our home, including a floor plan of the house with rooms labeled and exits marked
– Fire safety inspection by fire marshal
– Health and housing inspection
– Proof of pet vaccinations
– Clearances (FBI, police) – includes fingerprinting, criminal background investigation, Child Protective Services investigation
– References from four unrelated persons (friends, colleagues)

And of course the signed fee schedule and service plan/agreement contracts.

We’re going to sit down together tomorrow and figure out which of these things we need to get scheduled, which we can knock out easily, and which will take some gathering of information. The agency said they’d like this back in two months; I’m going to aim for one month, just because that’s how I roll with my obsessive-compulsive, anal-retentive personality. It may well not be possible, but I’ll try.

With all of this, it is definitely seeming more real. However, it’s also still very abstract and far away. I mean, we have to cover all electrical outlets in our home to prepare for the housing inspection… and we’re probably two years away from having a child. And choosing guardians?! But, obviously, we’ll do what they ask us to do.

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3 Responses to checklist

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow… I think you should move to Minnesota! We didn’t require quite as much. I don’t recall corporate punishment, statement of candor?, immunizations, pet vaccinations? Good grief! BTW, there is no such thing as previously submitted stuff being ‘on file’. Once it’s submitted consider that it never existed and just submit a new version of whatever it is. For example, we’ve fingerprinted FOUR times by two different agencies because changes in policies and the fact that federal fingerprints expire after a year. Funny.. my fingers haven’t changed though.

  2. Erica says:

    Wow! That is a long list! There are several things on there I haven’t seen before. I’m terribly curious: what is the firearm policy? One of the best suggestions that was made to me was to go ahead and request any forms you need from states (those can take up to a month to get) and also to make copies of EVERYTHING you send them. They could get lost in the mail or something and then you’d have to start all over. Erica

  3. Kelly says:

    Erica, the firearm policy says that we can have firearms in our house as long as they are safely stored and locked up. This isn’t an issue for us since we don’t have, and don’t plan to have, any firearms in the house. I guess they can’t take away our right to bear arms, huh?

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