We were very busy this weekend, and I think that was really helpful to both of us. My dad and stepmom arrived on Friday and after running some errands, we had dinner that night with her two sisters and their significant others. Saturday was spent getting ready for the party – a few trips to the store, washing dishes, setting up, cooking. The party was really nice, if I do say so, and the guests and guests of honor seemed to have had a good time. The girls went for manicures and lunch on Sunday, and the evening at the wedding and reception was really nice.

After a group breakfast this morning, everyone parted ways. I had the day off for the holiday, but planned to work a few hours (trying to get caught up on some things), but ended up only staying about an hour because I felt sick to my stomach. My doctor’s office called and I had to go in for another blood draw. I’m a bit afraid that my body hasn’t handled this miscarriage the way it’s supposed to – but I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it continues to play out. I was worried about being in a lot of physical discomfort this weekend while we had visitors and were hosting events, etc., but it wasn’t too bad.

I thoroughly enjoyed my quiet afternoon to myself today after all of the hustle and bustle. Craig had to work so I was on my own. I needed some quiet time to myself.

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