plan b

We’re trying to figure out Plan B. At this point, though, it’s really more like Plan L or Plan M; we’ve been though so many plans. I feel like every time we take a step forward on this family-building journey, we’re shoved back two steps.

Every one of these hurdles we’ve faced – tests, treatments, miscarriages, obscure genetic diagnosis, adoption – has forced us to re-think everything we’ve known and decided. This time around, I find myself thinking a lot about IVF again. Craig is strongly opposed to the idea, mostly I think due to the potential emotional impacts and certainly the cost. Now that Korea is most likely out of the picture, and we’re not sure how other countries will view us, I also wonder if we should try the domestic route. Korea was our compromise between my desire to adopt internationally and Craig’s concerns about health records and things like that.

I talked with our second choice agency, and they told us that they do not have a blanket policy like the first agency did. So that’s good news. However, I’ve heard rumblings about that agency not being that great to work with. I’ve also researched an out-of-state placement agency that we could possibly use for an international adoption, but they use our first agency as the local agency for the home study, and I don’t know if they would do a home study for us, or if they would give us a favorable report.

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