We found out late yesterday that we were rejected from the adoption agency. Not just for South Korea, but for any adoption, domestic or international. They want to know that I am “stable” on my antidepressants for at least a year, which means they won’t talk with us until late August.

I’m not really sure why they couldn’t have told us this two months ago when we submitted our application. At least then we wouldn’t have wasted time.

I politely asked the social worker how I was supposed to get over my depression when it is based on the fact that we don’t have children. She was very kind, but explained that they need to know that I am stable so that they can ensure a good home for a child. I understand that intellectually, but emotionally, it is devastating. I was good in that I didn’t burst into hysterics until after we hung up.

I don’t know what we’re going to do or what we’re even supposed to do. I guess we will look at other agencies. She said Korea will not take us any time within a few years of being on antidepressants, so that’s out no matter what.

I just don’t understand why this all has to be so difficult.

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One Response to rejected

  1. Kori says:

    Oh, man. I saw your post on Facebook, then linked over here. I’m so sorry, Kelly.

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