glutton for punishment

We co-hosted a baby party last night for friends. We decided to provide a menu of desserts and drinks, and everyone certainly got their fill of sweets. (Isn’t the fruit a great idea? My friend brought that, and it’s an idea I hope to use in the future.) It was a nice time, and the guests of honor enjoyed themselves and got some nice loot for the baby. I felt bad that the baby blanket I’ve been making for them wasn’t done, but I gave it to them as a work in progress. I’ve been on a knitting hiatus for the past three weeks while dealing with the tendonitis in my thumb. Hopefully I can get back into knitting and finish the blanket by the time the baby arrives at the end of the year.

I’m not quite sure why I felt it was a good idea for me to host a baby shower. We were, as usual, the only couple without children (or a child on the way), and of course at a baby shower the topics of conversation revolve around childcare tips, delivery stories, ultrasounds and the like. I wonder if my friends realized that when we were talking about the inconvenient parking at the labor/delivery part of the hospital we all use that the reason I knew about that was because that’s where I had my D&C. (Yes, D&Cs are done in labor and delivery at this hospital… in earshot of newborn cries and excited new dads talking on their cell phones outside your recovery room.) I was good; I didn’t cry until everyone had left.

When we started planning the party, we had just submitted our adoption application and I was feeling hopeful and excited. Since then, we have made zero progress on the adoption front and it is just so frustrating. There is a real possibility that we will be rejected from the South Korea program and we’ll have to figure out another plan. I’m trying not to dwell on the negative, but I’m just so tired of the uncertainty.

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