back to reality

We’re back from our 12-day trip to Michigan. We spent a few days with my mom in Ann Arbor, and then headed up to my dad and stepmom’s cottage on Prentiss Bay (Lake Huron) near Cedarville in the Upper Peninsula. This is the view from their property in the evening shortly before sunset. It is quite peaceful there.

We returned to major drama on our street last night. We were apparently smack-dab in the middle of a major thunder and lightning storm. Rocky was hiding under our bed and shaking, and I was feeling a bit nervous myself. The lightning was constantly lighting up the sky, and there was no time to count “one one thousand, two one thousand” to see how “close” the lightning strikes were, because they were CLOSE. At about 5:15am, Craig and I both literally jumped out of bed due to one particularly loud and frightening crack of lightning. I believe we both let out a shriek as well. I was quite sure something near us had been hit by the lightning, but I couldn’t figure out anything by looking out the windows. A couple of minutes later, several firetrucks arrived on our street, confirming my suspicions. Our neighbors’ house (three doors down from us) had been struck by lightning! Fortunately the fire was contained to their attic and they got outside safely with their young son and their dog. Now I know why Rocky hides under the bed during storms like that. I may join him next time.

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  1. Merissa says:

    This looks really pretty…and relaxing!

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