finished, but not finished

I just about finished knitting another project over the weekend, the Ribby shell. This is my first attempt at a real garment, and I was excited as I finished the last stitches. I blocked it, and after it was dry, I planned to seam the shoulders and weave in my loose ends and be done. I had been thinking for the previous week or two, however, that it seemed bulky and that it would probably be too big on me. I pushed on, however, to finish up, figuring I’d assess when I could try it on and I’d figure out from there what I wanted to do.

As I was putting my needles away in my Denise set, however, something finally hit me. I had used the wrong size needles for the entire project. ARGH!!! Instead of using No. 6 needles, I used 6mm (No. 10). This explains why 1) it seems bulky, because the stitches are too big, and 2) why the whole thing is bigger than I anticipated.

I thought about it over a couple of days, and I have decided to rip the whole thing apart and start over from the very beginning. I want to do it right. I did try it on and I think it will fit much better if it is done with the proper needles. I’m also going to try a couple of other changes. First, I’m going to forego the first inch or so on a smaller needle. I think I would rather have it hang straight down than have a bit of a waist band to it. And second, I’m going to undo a modification I made the first time through. I had added an extra inch to the length because the picture in the pattern looked to be short to me, but really, the extra inch was too much. (And by the way, I don’t anticipate my final product to be as form-fitting or short as the picture on the pattern.)

Oh, and to the knitters out there thinking, “This is why you should have made a test swatch,” I’m not sure what to say. I DID a test swatch, I swear. The results of the gauge in the swatch were close enough, or so I thought. I guess next time I need to make a bigger swatch and pay attention to the gauge as I work through the project, which I admit I didn’t do after the swatch seemed okay. I’m definitely still a beginner at this. LESSON LEARNED.

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One Response to finished, but not finished

  1. Merissa says:

    I tried crochet for awhile. It takes too long so I gave it up after making several blankets. I think I need immediate satisfaction. Your knitting looks great, Bravo!

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