garden update

Here’s proof that our work on seeding the bare spots in our lawn this spring paid off. Mother Nature helped a great deal with all of the rain that we got – I think the only time we watered the grass was the day we did the seeding.

These lovely day lilies are now in bloom. There will be more photos from the garden to come in the very near future, since the hydrangeas, butterfly bush, lamb’s ear and lavender are all very close to blooming.

Also, I finally got around to a new planting bed in the front this weekend. It doesn’t look like a whole lot right now, but I’m hopeful that the mix will provide something interesting along the border with our neighbor over at least the summer months. I trimmed back her barberry quite a bit (only on our side of the property line, of course) and planted a burning bush, day lillies, platycodon, ajuga, delphinium, and sedum alongside the existing forsythia and the handful of pre-existing daylillies on the end.

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