this week in the garden

We worked hard to mulch the garden this weekend. We had five cubic yards of mulch delivered to our driveway last week, so Craig hauled wheelbarrow loads to the planting beds, and I spread it out. We had no idea how much to order, and it turns out we were maybe two cubic yards short, so I’ll call again this week and order some more. The fresh mulch really crisps things up and makes the plants pop, plus we also used it to bury our soaker hoses. It’s looking really nice out there right now, if I do say so!

The St. John’s Wort are now in bloom. I enjoy the delicate yellow flowers, and they seem to enjoy their sunny spot on the side of the house.

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One Response to this week in the garden

  1. Knitty McKnitKnit says:

    Oooh! Pretty garden! Nice work you guys did.

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