Craig was in a five-car pile-up last Monday. It was a rainy day, the roads were very wet, and traffic was moving along at a nice clip on a four-lane divided highway. Then someone got cut off, slammed on her brakes, and came to a complete stop in the middle of the road. The car behind her rear-ended her, then Craig hit that car, then Craig got hit, and so on. Craig was the middle car out of the five. Thankfully, nobody was injured, so the entire thing just became a giant hassle for many people.

Our trusty little Civic had a rough time of it. It got pretty banged up on both ends. The damage was enough that our insurance company declared it a total loss. (It turns out a 2000 Civic with almost 100,000 miles isn’t worth very much.) So, unexpectedly (we thought we had years left with this car!), we are in the market for a car. We went to Carmax on Sunday and drove four cars, and today he tested out a coworker’s Prius. Anyone have any suggestions?

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