I am very fortunate to have a lot of mothers in my life – a mother, a stepmother, a grandmother, a mother-in-law, a stepmother-in-law (actually, two of those, but we only count one), and a stepgrandmother-in-law. Buying Mother’s Day cards is a $30 event in our household. Unfortunately, we are not near most of our mothers, but we did enjoy lunch this afternoon with Craig’s mom and aunt in Alexandria. At first I made fun of Heide’s request to eat at IHOP, but I sure did enjoy my pancakes and eggs for lunch. I hereby take back my cracks about spending Mother’s Day at IHOP.

Mother’s Day is a tough day for me, since I yearn to be a mother. When I called my 93-year-old grandmother this morning and said, “Happy Mother’s Day,” her immediate response was, “I hope I can say the same to you next year.” Her statement broke my heart but also meant a lot to me, as I know she had a similar struggle many decades ago. She was ultimately successful in her quest and I will try to keep that in mind as I tell myself (for the third year in a row) that things will be different next Mother’s Day.

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