loading the lights

Here are all of the lights we recently replaced, gathered together for their departure from our home. The final collection included five ceiling fans, one dining room chandelier, one hanging pendant, two bathroom vanity lights, and six small flushmounts from the stairs and hallways. (We also threw in a box of our old brass door hinges and knobs that we replaced over a year ago.) We decided to donate them to The Loading Dock, a local charity that collects building materials for reuse. From their website: “The Loading Dock, Inc. (TLD) is Maryland’s premier building materials reuse facility, offering great deals and interesting finds to people who need inexpensive housing improvement and building materials and are interested in keeping material out of the waste stream.” This was so easy – they even came to our house to pick everything up – and we’ll get a nice tax deduction out of it.

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One Response to loading the lights

  1. Amie says:

    Ah, that’s brilliant! I’ve got a small quantity of building stuff left over from some repairs last fall. I’ll have to try The Loading Dock!

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