baby blanket #2

My latest completed knitting project – a blanket for Tommy, the newborn son of our friends Tom and Amy. We met the little guy yesterday and he was thrilled with his gift. Well, maybe “thrilled” is taking it a bit far – he never even opened his eyes to see what it was. But his parents seemed sufficiently pleased. I did another baby blanket last summer (here and here) as my second knitting project ever, and I can definitely say that this one turned out better. Despite all of the babies being born around me, I’m not sure that I need to make baby blankets on a frequent basis (for more reasons than one), but this was a fairly painless project and I was happy with the end result.

Pattern: Striped Receiving Blanket by Linda Daniels (From Knit Baby Blankets!
Yarn: Berocco Comfort in 9716, 9756, and 9701
Needles: US 7, circular for length
Started: February 28, 2008
Completed: April 6, 2008

(This Ravelry link includes some comments on the pattern and some slight modifications.)

Now back to that stupid sock. I fear I will never finish it, let alone get to its eventual mate.

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