work in progress

This is what our house looks like today. We uncovered our two chairs and, of course, we reconnected our television, but other than that, everything is either in the basement or covered with plastic (which is, in turn, covered with a fine layer of drywall dust). We have contractors doing a bunch of things at the house this week, but the biggest project is painting the entire first floor and most of the second floor. I am impressed with what they have finished in just two days – they have painted pretty much all of the first floor, plus they did quite a bit of drywall repair and fixed a broken recessed light (a wire went bad). The other major project scheduled this week is the replacement of virtually every light fixture in the house. That will make a huge difference to us – there is nothing wrong with the fixtures we have, they are just not at all to our taste. Note the new green color on the wall in the living room – it is actually greener than we had expected (we were anticipating more of a khaki tone) but we like it.

I am missing the dogs (we sent them to the kennel for the week) but we are so glad they are not here in this mess. It would have been a disaster to leave them here with the contractors each day for a week. I’ll post more photos (from our brand new camera, which arrived today!) at the end of the week when we have everything put back together and cleaned up.

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One Response to work in progress

  1. Beth says:

    The paint looks nice! I’ll have to post some of our work-in-progress photos too… but that would mean putting down a paint brush, right?

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