we love lucy

This is Lucy’s “pharmacy” of daily medications. Yes, she takes all of these every single day. (Well, except the shampoo – that’s twice a week for the next few weeks.) These drugs help us address her epilepsy, Cushing’s disease, and a current skin infection. There will likely be another antibiotic for a urinary tract infection coming soon (we are awaiting the culture results), and an antibiotic for her chronic lung disease/recurring pneumonia is always a possibility.

We love this dog. She is the sweetest, most gentle dog, and she always aims to please us (which is more than we can say about her more aloof brother, Rocky, although of course we love His Highness as well). She gets a bit out of hand when there is anything edible around, but that’s partly because she’s a beagle and partly because her Cushing’s disease gives her a ravenous appetite. We’re hoping the meds will help with that soon.

We are lucky that all of Lucy’s ailments (so far, knock on wood) are fairly easily treatable with mostly inexpensive medication, and that we can afford (although this is a relative term – don’t ever ask me how much money we have spent on this dog) her veterinary care. The tests and labs are pricey, but we have avoided surgeries, thank goodness. Craig and I often joke that Lucy will live to be 30 since we have given her the best medical care. (Eastern Animal Hospital rocks!) Sometimes I think that’s a good thing, and other times I am not so sure. Right now, though, she has a fantastic quality of life, and we’ll help her out in that regard as long as we can. (This is the photo that first introduced us to Lucy on the Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland website. How could we resist?)

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